Which is most powerful, the body or the brain? Young black men are 18 times more likely to be under psychiatric care in mental institutions than white people in the UK. How did this happen?

Author:Orakwue, Stella
Position:Not in Black or White

I am going to continue with the stuff on the brain and the African mind that I started exploring in my April column. A little birdie tells me that I will be occupied with it for a considerable time. Absolutely. I intend to make it my passion for the rest of my life.


There will be those among you who will want to know exactly what I mean by my term "brain terrorism". It is the targeting of a person's brain by outside forces who want to forcibly change the way that person's mind thinks and works.

The aim is that the target should end up with thought patterns as close as possible to those that the outside forces find desirable and useful. The target should think as these outside forces want the target to think. In other words, to think and behave like them or at least in a manner appropriately tuned to the needs and beliefs of the outside forces.

If you seek to solve or clear away a problem, you have acknowledged that a problem has occurred. If, say, a doctor tries to make someone well, then that person was made unwell in the first place. Cause and effect. Effects do not happen without causes. Causes create effect. What interests me always is: What are the root causes?

What techniques have been used and are used to prevent African brains from functioning most efficiently, differently, creatively, and with maximum innovation? What techniques do brain terrorists use?

Brain terrorists are like Goliaths targeting Davids. The target has only himself or herself. But the brain terrorists have at their easy disposal everything that they may need: newspapers, television, radio, advertisements, certain kinds of films, other media, music to set or upset moods. They are state employees, private employees, and ordinary people who can be bought. And the terrorists have all the sordid inventions conceived for psychological warfare on people's minds.

One such thing is used night and day: voices. Voices piped in at low frequencies to simulate the "voices in the head" described to doctors by people experiencing psychotic breakdowns. These voices are transmitted to encourage the target's mind into believing that he or she, too, is on the verge of psychosis. The brain terrorist's voice, piped in, hopes the target will eventually confuse this low, whispering voice (or voices) heard during the night when he or she is alone, perhaps just as the target is about to fall asleep or just as they awaken, with the target's own, natural, thinking...

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