Prayer meeting or political rally?

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For people outside Zimbabwe who might still be debating the difference between a "prayer meeting" and a "political rally", below is a taster. It is an advertisement published in the Zimbabwe Independent on 13 April by The Save Zimbabwe Campaign, calling on people to attend a "prayer rally" in Bulawayo on 14 April. Headlined, 'The Save Zimbabwe Campaign Bulawayo Prayer Rally', the advertisement said:

"We don't want to create a socio-legal order in the country in which people will go to bed after having barricaded their doors and windows because someone from the special police branch will visit them during the night; no we are tired of it, that's why we are in this revolution for as long as it is going to take"--Dr Eddison Zvobgo 1974. [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]

"On Saturday, 14 April 2007, The Save Zimbabwe Campaign will hold a prayer meeting at St Patrick's Community Centre in the suburb of Makokoba in Bulawayo. The prayer rally will commence at 0900hours till 1200hours. Representatives from labour, the church, students unions, political formations and other pro-democracy groups are expected to converge in Bulawayo to pray for the nation currently facing a deep-seated and multi-layered national crisis.

Speakers include the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leaders, Morgan Tsvangirai (president); Arthur Mutambara (president); National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) chairperson, Dr Lovemore Madhuku; Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) president, Promise Mkwananzi...

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