Date15 August 2002
Published date15 August 2002
AuthorRichard O. Zerbe
I am pleased to present this volume published by Elsevier Science, our new
publisher. I suggested such a volume to Professor Timothy Swanson and asked
if he would be willing to undertake its editorship. Professor Swanson brings to
this task his own considerable reputation, an international flavor which
characterizes this volume and his good judgement. He organized the conference
which this volume represents and edited the results. I and our readers owe him
our thanks for these useful high quality articles.
The plan for the Journal is to produce more of these specialty volumes. The
next issue is one on antirust edited by Jack Kirkwood. Those interested in
undertaking editorship on special topics in law and economics are encouraged
to contact me.
Richard O. Zerbe Jr.
Zerbe @

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