Prescription and Limitation (Scotland) Act 1973 (Version in vigour from 2022-08-08 to )

CurrencyNo known outstanding effects
Coming into Force08 August 2022
that land; or land of a description habile to include that land; or that land; orland of a description habile to include that land, possession was founded on the recording of a deed which is invalid ex facie or was forged; or possession was founded on registration in the Land Register of Scotland proceeding on a forged deed and the person appearing from the Register to have the real right in question was aware of the forgery at the time of registration in his favour.(3) In subsection (1) above, the reference to a real right is to a real right which is registrable in the Land Register of Scotland or a deed relating to which can competently be recorded; but this section does not apply to F41real burdens,servitudes or public rights of way.(4) In the computation of a prescriptive period for the purposes of this section in a case where the deed in question is a decree of adjudication for debt, any period before the expiry of the legal shall be disregarded.(5) Where, in any question involving any foreshore or any salmon fishings, this section is pled against the Crown as owner of the regalia, subsection (1) above shall have effect as if for the words “ten years” there were substituted “twenty years”.(6) This section is without prejudice to section 2 of this Act.

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