Increased productivity to lead to 13,000 job losses in UK software industry.

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Setting new standards in efficiency, 664 companies have been identified in the latest Plimsoll Portfolio Analysis--Computer Software as getting the very best from their people. The consequence for companies in the rest of the industry is that to compete, they will need to axe as many as 13,000 jobs in the next 12 months.

By getting the most from employees, these 664 highly efficient companies are delivering nearly 42% more sales and 3 times the profit per person of an average UK computer software company. Typically, they are generating 46,000 [pounds sterling] sales per person and 10,000 [pounds sterling] profit per person. Last year, the average UK computer software company achieved 3,000 [pounds sterling] sales per employee and a mere 3,000 [pounds sterling] profit per employee. At most risk of being left behind, 422 companies have been identified as only generating an average of 59,000 [pounds sterling] per employee. Their spend on salaries is far...

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