Publication Date15 January 2022
Publication titleBirmingham Mail (England)
Alcohol may not be part of your life (for now) but bubbles certainly can be

I'll point you in the direction of a couple of fizz choices.

Edenvale Sparkling Cuvée (£4.99, Laithwaites) is crafted in Australia from chardonnay (mainly) with fiano and semillon grapes. But it has 0% alcohol.

You don't miss out on the giddy bubbles pouring into the glass; or the aroma which is fresh with green apples and citrus.

To taste, it is really juicy with fruit with a refreshing zing and acidity.

I joined a call with Laithwaites' Australian buyer Daniel Parrott who explained he did a global tasting of low and no alcohol products.

The winery, outside Sydney, is a specialist in low and no alcohol wines and it was their drink, he said, that he was keen to include in the range.

The technology to remove the alcohol is pretty geeky.

But just know that the nature and aromatics of the grapes are still very much to be enjoyed. I certainly did.

It's like the alcohol is still there and I didn't feel like I was missing out. I don't do Dry January.

Over at Aldi, there's the aptly named sparkler Zerozecco (£2.49). The name is clearly a play on prosecco - which it definitely is not - and zero alcohol - which it very much is.


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