Ramsgate Water Act 1835

Cited as:1835 c. vi
Jurisdiction:England & Wales
Ramsgate Water Act 1835

(5 & 6 Will. 4) c. vi

An Act for better supplying with Water the Parish of Ramsgate, and the Neighbourhood thereof, in the County of Kent.

[12 June 1835]

ANNO QUINTO GIMELMI IV. REGIS. Cap. vi. An Act for better supplying with Water the Parish of Ramsgate, and the Neighbourhood therebf, in the County of Kent. [12th June 1835.] W HEREAS the Inhabitants of the Parish of' Ramsgate and the Neighbourhood thereof, being within the Parishes of Saint Laurence, Saint Peter the Apostle, and Minster, all within the Isle of Thanet in the County of Kent; are riot at present well or conve niently supplied with Water; and the Inhabitants of the said Parish and Neighbourhood, for Want of a sufficient Supply of Water for domestic and other Purposes* are subject to much Inconvenience, and are liable to increased Danger in Cases of Accidents by Fire, which Inconvenience and Danger might be prevented, and the Lives and Property of the Inhabitants of the said Parish and Neighbourhood better preserved and protected, if a'constant Supply of Water were provided t And whereas a constant Sup ply of Water for the Use of such Inhabitants rriigh| be obtained from divers:Springs arid Sources within the said Parishes of Ramsgate, Saint' Laurence, Saint Peter the Apostle, and Minster, by raising and conducting the rWater from such Springs and Sources4 or some or one of them, into a proper Reservoir or Reservoirs by means of Engines, Cuts, Drains,* Tunnels Pipes, Conduits, Feeders, and other Aqueducts, and from thence by Pipes to the Houses and Premises of the said Inhabitants: And whereas' the several Persons; hereinafter named are willing and desirous, at their owniGosts and Charges, to effect^he Purposes aforesaid ; but the Under. taking cannot be carried' fully, arid'-completely 'into execution without the Aid; and Authority of ^Parliament :'.*May~f it therefore please Your Majesty thabit may be; enacted-j'and be' it enacted by the King's most [Local.'} H h Excellent. 122 5GULIELMI IV. CapM. Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assem-Proprietors bled, and by the Authority of the same, That Israel Abrahams, William incorporated. /lrchibald Armstrong, Nathaniel Author Austen, George Bailey, Benjamin Barnard, John Barnard, Thomas Bayly, Miles Bland, Brownlow Bourdillon, Thomas Bowles, George Burgess, James Burgess, John Oakley Burgess, Peter Burgess, Joseph Canham, Gilbert Caught, Isaac Blake Clarke, George Clendon, Richard Saurie Cox, Robert Strong Cramp, James Crisford, Frederick Lewis Crow, Evan Jones Cruchley, Charles Berwick Curtis, James Stock Daniel, John Dimsdale, William Pitts Dimsdale, Harry Edgell, James Elvey, Robert Ferrere, Charles Fisher, John Foat, William Fowler, John Holmes Gibson, Richard Grant; Richard Halford, Richard Harvey the younger, George Hinds, Alfred James Hiezcocks, Edward Hodges, Daniel Hooper, William Alexander Hunt, William Hutchinson, James Bourne Judge, John Kelly, Richard Kent, Edward Langley, Thomas Mayhew, William Miller the elder, Stephen Norwood, Richard Wilson Page, Robert Page, George Phipps, William Henry Phipps, David Plenderleath, Thomas Rammell, John Rose Surgeon, John Rose Coal Merchant, Samuel Sackett, Georgd Saffery, Henry Saffery-, Osmond Saffery, William Sharp, Samuel SharwooS, George Snowden, Thomas Hodges Grove Snowden, John Solly, Thomas Hougham Sparks, Joseph Rogers Templeman, William Thackray the younger, John Boyle Thompson, Charles Thornton, Henry' George Thornton, Richard Thomson the elder, Richard Thomson the younger, Robert Townley, Charles Turmine, Jesse Vye, John Ashley Warre, Samuel Watkins, John Watson, James Whatman, Thomas Whitehead, Elvy John Wildish, and John Wilson, together with all and every other Person or Persons, or Body or Bodies Politic or Corporate, who have subscribed or who. shall hereafter subscribe towards the said Undertaking, and their several and respective Successors, Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, shall be and they are hereby united into a Company for making, completing, maintaining,, and continuing the Waterworks and other Works by this Act authorized,. according to the Provisions and Restrictions herein-after contained, and shall for that Purpose be one Body Politic and Corporate by the Name of " The Company of Proprietors of the Ramsgate Waterworks," and by that Name shall have perpetual Succession and a Common Seal, and by that Name shall and may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, at Law or in Equity, and shall and may prefer and prosecute any Bill or Bills of Indictment against any Person or Persons who shall commit any Felony,. Misdemeanor, or other Offence indictable by the Laws of this Realm, and. shall also have full Power to purchase and become seised and possessed' of Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, to hold to them, their Succes-sors and Assigns, for the Use of the said Undertaking, and without incurring any of the" Penalties or Forfeitures of the Statutes of Mortmain. General . II- And be it further enacted, That for the better managing and con- Meetings of ducting the Affairs of the said Company, and the Business of the said Un- the Company (jertaking, it shall and may be lawful for the several and respective Mem- to be holden. ^^ Q£ ^ gajj companv to meet from Time to Time when and where they shall find convenient in the said Parish of Ramsgate; and the First General Meeting of the said Company for proceeding in the Execution of this Act shall be held at some convenient Place within the said Parish of Ramsgate on the Third Friday after the passing of this Act between the Hours of Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon and Two of the Clock i in 5GULIELMI IV. Cap.vi. 123 in the Afternoon; and the said Gompany assembled at such General Meetings shall have Power to adjourn such General Meetings, and order such future General Meetings of the said Company to be holden from Time to Time to and at such Place or Places as shall at such General Meetings be thought proper and convenient; and in case at any Time no Adjournment of any General Meeting shall be made, or in case it shall be necessary to call a Meeting on an earlier Day than the Day to which any General Meeting shall stand adjourned, then it shall be lawful for any Nine or more Members of the said Company, possessed of Five or more Shares each, to call a General or Special Meeting to be held at such Time and Place as they shall think fit within : the said Parish of Ramsgate', by Notice advertised in One or more Newspaper or Newspapers published in the Eastern Division of the said County of Kent, and by Notice posted at some public and convenient Place within the said Parish of Ramsgate, mentioning the Time and Place and the Purpose of such intended Meeting if called for a special Purpose ; and every Question, Order, Matter, or Thing which shall be proposed, discussed, or considered by the Proprietors or Members of the said,Company assembled at any Meeting to be holden by virtue of this Act shall be determined by a Majority of Votes of the Proprietors of Shares in the said Undertaking then present; and on all Occasions every Proprietor of One or Two Share or Shares so Questions to present as aforesaid shall be considered as possessed of and entitled to be decided give One Vote, and every Proprietor of Three or Four Shares so present bv a Majority as aforesaid shall be considered as possessed of and entitled to give Two person, Votes, and every Proprietor of Five, Six, or Seven Shares so present as aforesaid shall be considered as possessed of and entitled to. give Three Votes, and every Proprietor of Eight or Nine Shares so present as aforesaid shall be considered as possessed of and entitled to give Four Votes, and every Proprietor of Ten or more Shares so present as aforesaid shall be considered,as possessed of and entitled to give Five Votes, but no Proprietor shall be entitled to give more than Five Votes in respect of any Number of Shares he, she, or they may be entitled to, and whether such Shares be the Property of One Individual or of a Plurality of Individuals ; and any Proprietor may also vote in right of his or her. own Shares, as well as Committee of any Lunatic, Guardian of any Minor, Assignee of any Bankrupt or Insolvent, or Executor or Administrator of any Testator or Intestate, on the same Occasion ; and if the Number of such Votes Chairman to shall be equal, the Chairman presiding at such Meetings shall have the have casting casting Vote as such Chairman, in addition to his Vote or Votes as a Proprietor j Provided always, that no Act shall be done by any General or Special General Meeting of the Proprietors (except the Adjournment of such Meeting) unless Seven at least of such Proprietors be present. III. And be it further enacted, That in case any Proprietor or Prqprie- Lunatics and tors entitled to vote at any such Meeting as aforesaid shall be a Lunatic Minors to or Lunatics, or a Minor or Minors, such Lunatic or Lunatics shall or may teby tneir vote at such Meeting or Meetings by his, her, or their Committee, or any a^Guar^ One of such Committees, and such-Minor or Minors shall and may vote, dians. by his, her, or their Guardians, or any.One of such Guardians. IV. And be it further enacted, That it shall and may be lawful, for the Officers to .. said Gompany at any General Meeting to nominate, elect, and choose, be^PPoinjed and Meetings. 124 5 GULIELMI IV. Gap.vu and under the Common Seal of the said Company to appoint, aTreasureri Clerk or Clerks, and One or more Auditor or Auditors, as may be deemed necessary for transacting, the Business of the said Company; and it shall be lawful for the said Company, at any subsequent General Meeting from Time to Time to remove and displace such Treasurer, Clerk, and Auditor, or any of them, or any other Person or Persons who shall be hereafter elected and appointed to such respective Offices, and...

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