ReadSpeaker Merges Licensing and Cloud Businesses.


US-based text-to-speech solutions company ReadSpeaker, a digital voice partner for global businesses, has merged its licensing business, ReadSpeaker USA Inc., with its cloud-based business, ReadSpeaker LLC, the company said.

By bringing these two businesses together, ReadSpeaker said it now offers organisations the most comprehensive, flexible voice-enablement platform.

Through this suite of services, developers and voice user interface designers can more efficiently create voice solutions based on their unique applications and IT environments.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for technologies that support contactless interactions has never been higher.

Digital voice, in particular, is on the rise as organisations seek solutions that can best engage target audiences absent in-person exchanges.

According to Juniper Research, the increased demand we've experienced is just the beginning, by 2023, the firm estimates that nearly 8 bn voice assistants will be in use.

With newly appointed president Matt Muldoon at the helm, ReadSpeaker is responding to mounting demand for digital voice solutions by making its voice-enablement offerings more accessible.

With ReadSpeaker's...

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