Records management renaissance: the U.K. local government perspective

Publication Date01 Jan 1994
subjectMatterInformation & knowledge management
Records management
renaissance: the U.K. local
government perspective
This paper provides a definition of records management from the point of view
of those working within local government in the UK. The development of records
management in this sector is over-viewed and placed in the context of changing
financial and managerial requirements The author suggests that a 'renaissance'
is taking place in local government records management, due partly to the devel-
opment of the quasi commercial organisation, compulsory competitive tendering,
total quality management and the potential of I.T. He concludes by stating that
there is a need, within local government, for controlled and managed informa-
tion structures, and that the records manager is well placed to oversee the fulfil-
ment of this need.
It is generally accepted that the practice of records management within
UK local authorities differs quite dramatically from one authority to an-
other, and individuals involved with the practice may well view what they
do quite differently from that of their counterpart in a neighbouring au-
thority. In fact they may not even be given the title of Records Manager
or realise that they are practising 'records management'. This is perhaps
a consequence of the ad hoc and piecemeal development of records man-
agement within local authorities which has occurred during the last thirty
Records management can be defined in a number of equally valid ways,
spread across a wide spectrum, although the profession is currently mov-
ing towards a universal definition, with the backing of professional
Records Management Journal, vol. 4, no.
June 1994, pp. 13-19

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