Rejoinder to J'accuse.

Author:Tangwe, Abraham Tamukum
Position:Letter to the editor

I read with profound interest and rapt attention the opinion of Moise Shewa ('Don't fan flames of hatred in Cameroon') in the November 2018 issue.

The write-up was informative, albeit fraught with faulty, unsubstantiated and lopsided claims. Indeed, such claims were biased, with a lot of factual inaccuracies and historical distortions. In all fairness, war is madness!

Mr Shewa, you argued that you were born in the Anglophone region of Cameroon and schooled in that region but born of Francophone parents. Suffice to state here that you remained a true Cameroonian but your origin resonates around the ethnic background of your father, who though resident in that region at the time of your birth, does not change his region of origin.

The simple fact that you were born in that region, schooled and very proficient in English language does not make you an Anglophone. This is because Anglophones are those whose parents must have their origin in one of the ethnic groups in Anglophone Cameroon. You might have been overlooking the Tl* province' dispensation that addresses your worry.

I take great exception to your statement that the issue of marginalisation is "passe, hollow and trite". Really? Your long stay out of Cameroon has completely blurred your perception.

You referred, in a derogatory manner to the Anglophones in Cameroon as void of any linguistic connotation but rather a "tribal appellation". I wonder if you can decipher the meaning of the word "tribe"?

Do you sincerely not know why this word was coined by the hegemonic powers in the era of colonialism, so you...

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