"Remix" the future at the 2005 O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference.

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'ETech', the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, brings together the hackers and lead users that futurists observe and consult, the conference puts ideas up for debate, allowing all participants to draw their own conclusions about-and perhaps take a hand in-the shape of the future.

The theme for ETech 2005 is "Remix,' illustrating how technological components expand, contract, and recombine, encompassing new nexus points of iterative hacking and large ideas that have a way of transforming technology. Some of the faint signals, deeper trends, and current topics for the conference include:

* The phone as a platform, moving beyond mere voice to smart mobile sensor

* Geolocation, providing a sense of "there' and facilitating the formation of groups with feet in both the virtual and physical worlds

* Peer-to-peer, as it relates to the networked mobile devices in our pockets

* Web services, now that the B2B EDI replacement has given way to recombinant data services and syndicated e-commerce

* Hardware, examining what happens when geeks with screwdrivers "let the magic out' of their computers, game consoles, and other amrted gadgets

* Social...

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