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The rapid rise of popularity in Linux and Open Source computing complicates resource management by introducing a new way of writing, testing, packaging and acquiring software. A solution is presented that permits management of the entire IT infrastructure including servers, desktops, laptops, and handhelds across all popular operating environments including Windows, NetWare, and Linux.

The Need to Unify IT Resource Management

IT professionals in most organizations face the challenge of managing IT resources in a highly complex and diverse, environment. They have to manage multiple hardware platforms including servers, desktops, laptops and handhelds, and they have to manage multiple operating environments, including Windows, NetWare and Linux. Managing the Linux (Open Source) environment presents a new and particularly vexing challenge because it redefines the way software is developed and distributed.

A number of additional factors further complicate resource management:

* Dependency Resolution. Nearly every software package that's installed has dependencies on other software within the system.

* Bandwidth issues. Machines may be spread out geographically across a wide area network with low-bandwidth interconnects creating bandwidth issues. (Most of the bandwidth required for software maintenance is for software download.)

* Diversity of applications. Desktops and servers differ considerably with respect to their software configurations.

Aggravating the problem is that the IT infrastructure must be continually evolved with new applications, software updates and patches to meet changing business needs. The complexity of the IT infrastructure combined with the need to evolve it continually necessitates a delicate balancing act for the IT staff. Administrators must deploy updates, especially security updates, quickly, yet they must ensure that updates don't disrupt services. What is required is a single resource management solution that allows organizations to manage all their IT resources across all operating environments, including Linux, from a single point. Only in this way can the IT staff streamline operations and reduce management costs while increasing the value of the organization's IT resources and services.

Managing The Linux Environment

Linux and the open source community have fundamentally changed the way software is written, tested, packaged and acquired. The open source community consists of literally...

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