Reviews: Karl Marx: Man and Fighter, Year One of the Russian Revolution, Emile Durkheim; His Life and Work, The Role of Commissions in Policy Making, Planification Et Politique En Grand-Bretagne 1945–1971, Teachers' Unions and Interest Group Politics, The Politics of the Powerless, A Study of the Campaign Against Racial Discrimination, between Class and Elite: The Evolution of the British Labour Movement, Ramsay Macdonald's Political Writings, Decision by Default: Peacetime Conscription and British Defence 1919–39, Diplomacy and Persuasion. How Britain Joined the Common Market, Europe in the Making, West European Politics since 1945: The Shaping of the European Community, The Politics of Expertise, Presidents, Bureaucrats, and Foreign Policy: The Politics of Organizational Reform, Bureaucracy and Foreign Policy, The Washington Center of Foreign Policy Research, Studies in International Affairs Number 17, The Military in Politics. Changing Patterns in Brazil, The Political System of Brazil. Emergence of A “Mod

Published date01 September 1973
Date01 September 1973

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