Road from Pyecombe to Staplefield Common Act 1808

Publication Date:January 01, 1808
Road from Pyecombe to Staplefield Common Act 1808

(48 Geo. 3) c. ci

An Act for making and maintaining a Road from the Brighthelmstone Road at Pyecombe, to the Cuckfield Road at Staplefield Common, and from Pyecombe, to the Cuckfield Road at Staplefield Common,and from Pyecombe to the Henfield Road at Poyning's Common, in the County of Sussex.

[3d June 1808]

ANNO QUADRAGESIMO OCTAVO EORGII I REGIS ****##*#*****####* Cap. 101. An A£t for -making and maintaining a Road from the Brighthelmftone Ro&d'£t, Pyecombe\ Xo the Cuckfield Rozd^Stapkfield. Common, and:.'from Pyicombe to the Henfield Road at Poyning% Common, in the Cburity of Suffix. [3d June 1808.J W HEREAS the making and maintaining a'Road leading from aqd out,of the Brighthelmftone and Cuckfield Turnpike. Road near pyecombe Church, in the^Pariih of Pyecombe% in the County of Sujfex^ through Pyecombe Dale, and by Newtimber Place, to the Branchr of the Henfield Turnpike Road leading from the Marie Pit near the Bot tom of Saddle/comb Hill, in the Parifti of Newtimber, to the Marie Pit front ing NewtimberBroad Lane, in the fame Pariflijn the faid County ofSuJJex^ and from the North Side of the faid Branch of Road to the Turnpike Road leading from Ublefs Farm, in the Parifh of Hurjlpen"pointy in the faid County, to the faid Marie Pit oppofite to Newtimber Broad Lane afore- faid, and from thence along the faid lafl mentioned Turnpike Road to Ubley's Farm -aforefaid, and from thence by Albourne Green and Sayer*s Common) to a certain Farm called Little Stuckles, otherwife Shinings, in the Pariih of Hurfiperpoint aforefaid; and from Little Stuckles Farm aforefaid, by Hickfted Place, zn&Botney Common to a Place called Staple- field Common^ in the faid County, there to join and enter into the Turn pike Road leading from Cuckfield to Crawley, in the faid County $v and a Road leading from the Bottom of Pyecombe Dale aforefaid, alqng a cer tain Lane called the Beggar's Lane to the Henfield Turnpike Road near Poynings Common, in the faid County, would be of great Benefit and [wtwvfc? PirJ] 21 X Advantage 1922 48 GEORGII HI. Cap. 101. Advantage to the Proprietors and Occupiers of Eftates in the Neighbourhood thereof, and of public Utility : May it therefore pleafe your Ma* jefty, That it may be ena&ed, and be it enafted by the King's moft Excellent Majefty, by and with the Advice and Confent of the Lords Spi-ritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this jprelljit^i^rHament aflem-Truftees- bledj and by the Authority of the fame, That WiUkm Ageny Robin/on Harry dftrjei Harry Attree, Sir Cecil Bifshopp B^mn, 0cilJ3i/shopp Junior,, Charles Bifshopp, Sir Charles Merrick BurrekBfcimei, William £ orrery William Borrtr Junior, John Borrer, NathmieL Borrer, Edward Borrer, John Hamlin Borrer, John Bull .q£j Pangdeam Thomas Bull, Francis Bine, Stephen Bine, Richard Bine, John Burtenfhdwoi Reeds, James Browne, Charles Bridger Clerk, Henry Brooker, William Blaber, Sir Henry Blackman Knight, John Blaker, Botten, Richard Cud- dington, Thomas Crojfwellbr, Stephen Grofskey, Wiltiaih John Campion, Henry Courthope Campion, George Courthope Senior, George Gourthope Junior, Charles Coppard, Thomas Coppard^Jofeph Chandler, John Bennett, John Donald/on, Anthony Ede; Charles Ellis, John Friend, Thomas Francis, Charles Goring of Wi/ion, Charles Goring of Highdon, Charles Goring of Rowdell, John Gates of Henfield, John Hall, Thomas Hill, John Hamfher, James Harmes, Thomas Hod/on, William Hodfon, Michael Barmes, William Izard, James Ingram, William Jenner, Thomas Read Kemp, Thomas Kemp, Richard Lajhmer, William Linfield Thomas hep- par d, John Mar chant of hit tie Park, William Marfhall Senior, William Marfhall Junior, John Marjhall Clerk, John Mills, Charles Francis William Marten, John Lewis Newnham, John OJborne, the Honourable William Stephen Pointz, William Phillips, Benjamin Pearce, John Perkins, William Pen/old, .Caleb Rickman, John Rice,. John Pelham Roberts, Avery Roberts, Rolfe, Richard Rujfell, Timothy Shelley, William Scrafe, John Smithp William Smith, hawrence Smith, Thomas Scrafe, Benjamin Scutt Doftor of Medicine, Bartholomew Smithers, William Stanford, the Right Honourable Thomas Steele, Leonard Shuckard, William Tilt Clerk, Benjamin Tillftone, Thomas Uwinst James Wood of Hick/lead Place, Richard Weekes, Richard Weekes Junior, Hampton We ekes, Thomas Wickham, John Wood of Ockley, John Whichelo, John Wood of Chejlham, Matthew Walker, Thomas Dominick Whiteman, William Wigney, Henry Wood of Wontley, Peter Wells, John Wood of Parky and John Wood o£ Wapfes, and their SuccefTors, to be elefted in Manner hereinafter mentioned, (hall be, and they are hereby .appointed Truftees for amending, widening, improving, and keeping in Repair the faid Roads; and for otherwife putting this Aft in Execution, Other Truf- H. And be it further enaaed, That when any of the Truftees herein-tees to be before named, or to be elected as hereinafter mentioned, fhall die or re-Death or Re- ^u^e t0 a(^ or ke difqualified, it fhall be lawful for the furviving or fufalioafl. remaining Truftees, or any Five or more of them, by Writing under their Hands, to ele£t and appoint one other Perfon in the Room of every Truftee fo dying or refufing to aft, or becoming difqualified -, but Notice of the Time and Place of Meeting for every fuch Election fhall be given by the Clerk to the faid Truftees, by affixing the fame in Writing upon all the Turnpike Gates which, by virtue of this Aft, fhall be then erefted and fet up, and by Advertifement in the hewes and Brighthelmjlone Journal, of in the Brighton Herald, or in fome other Newfpaper or Newspapers, printed or circulated in the faid County, at leaft Ten Days before everv 48* GEORGII III, Gap*iQt. 1Q2& fvery/fuek Meeting,;^anfd every: Perfon,. an^Eerfops/ who Avail jje (4 elefted and" appointed ftjall immediately^ upjon.fueh, Eleftion ;aml Ap-h pointment, be veiled with the fame Powers and Authorities for putting this Aft in Execution," as any-Truftee'hereby appointed'is or are-vefted with. IIL Provided alw^5, and be Jt. further ena£t£d,. That no Perfon, Qaallficitlbi; capable of a^ipg as ,^ Tryftee* jn the Execution of this Aft'whijs he holc|£ ofTJrffrfefcsv* any; Place of ;$t;qfiO;Undgr;tt^ f^me,, nor in any; particular Cafe wherein he $a]l,be., perfpaal^ mtere$^^ nor fhftll anjr l^erfo^ be qualified to aft asK% Truftee; unlefs he (h^U,;atthe/TTime pffii^ afting, be in his own,Right,;, the Right qf his Wife^in* thea&uatl Poflgffton an,d\ Enjoyment or Receipt of the Rents and Profit^ of Lands, Tenerjientsi or Hereditaments of. the; clear yearly .Value ;of Fiftv Pounds above Reprizes ;,;br fhall be Heir Apparent of a Perfon feifed of a real Eftate in Lands, Tenements,' or Hereditaments, of the clear yearly Value of One hundred Pounds, or be poffeffed of a perfonal,the Amount of One thoufand Pounds,, nor until he fhall have taken and fubffjrihed the following pathhefone any Two or more .of the laid Truftees,,(whq^re/^eby authorized to adminifter the fame,) m the Words, or to the Effeftfollowing; that is to fay: c T.jf. B. do fwear, that I truly and bona fide arn^ pwn :Right, Oath, '.or in the Right of my Wife),in: the aftual Poffeifion; andEnjoy- ment or Receipt of the Rents and Profits,of Lands,. Tenements, or Hereditaments, of the clear yearly Value of Fifty Pouncjs above Rp- prizes; or am poffeffed of, or entitled to, a perfonal Eftate of the Value;pf-On thoufan$ Pounds, after all my Debts are; paid j [or am the.HeirApparent of A*M** who9;to the beft of my Knowledge is feifed of a real Eftate of Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments of the 4 clear yearly Value of One hundred Pounds, as the Cafe may/happen..] So help me GOEV IV. And if any Perfon disqualified by any of the Caufes afqrefaid, or Penalty on not being qualified as aforefaid, fhall neverthelefs prefume to aft contrary aaingr, if not to the true Intent and Meaning of this Aft, every fuch Perfon fhall, for lualifi-d-every fuch Offence, forfeit and pay the Sum of Fifty Pounds, to any Perfon or Perfons who fhall inform or fue for the fame, to be recovered in any of His Majefty's. Courts of Record at Wejlminjler by Action of* Debt, or on the Cafe,-or by Bill, Plaint, Suit, or information, wherein no Effoign, Proteftion, or Wager of Law, nor more than one Imparlance fhall be allowed $ and the Perfon fo profeputed, fhall proVe*that he is fo qualified, or otherwife fhall pay the faid Penalty, without any other Proof or Evidence on the Part of the Profecutor, than that fuch Perfon hath afted as a Truftee in the Execution of this Aft: Provided nevertheless That fuch Afts and Proceedings as fhall have been done and performed* by any fuch Perfon, touching the Execution of this Aft, previous to his being convifted of the Offence before mentioned, fhall, notwithftanding fuch Conviftion, be as valid and effeftqal as if fuch Perfon had been qua. lified according to the Direftions of this Aft: Provided always, That Mortgagee no Mortgagee or Affignee of any Mortgage or other Security, nor any "**? a& Lender of Money upon the Credit of the Tolls granted, by this Aft, or jeceiving 1924 truftees rtiay fue and be faed in the Fame of ir Glerk* Truftees firft Meeting. Truftees to pay their own Expences* Or4ersto be made at Meetings only, and the Majority to concur. Truftees be- ? 48GEORGII IIL Cap.101. receiving Intereft thereoutfor the fame, fHall, on that Account, be deemed unqualified to aft as a Truftee in the Execution of this Aft* V. And be it further * enafted, That the faid Truftees may fue and be fued in the Name of their Clerk for the Time being, and that no Action,or Sub to be brought or commenced, by,or againft the faid Truftees, or anyof them, by virtue "of this Aft, in the Name $f their Clerk, Ibfall abate or be difcontinued bjr the Death* or Removal of fuch Clerk, or by1 the Aft of fuch Clerk, without the Confent of the faid Truftees, or any-Five^or mote of them; -but that the...

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