Date09 January 2021
Published date09 January 2021
The former Scotland star is a football rarity as a Green Party member who coowns two vegan restaurants.

As a contrast to opposite number Sean Dyche - a big lamb curry fan - it will be a clash of culinary opposites in the Turf Moor technical areas.

But as Martin explains, his way is becoming increasingly accepted in the game.

"When I started five or six years ago it wasn't very mainstream and anything different in a bubble like football is deemed very weird," said Martin.

"But it sparked curiosity and intrigue with people wanting to find out a little bit more. Now there are lots of plantbased footballers or footballers who have cut down their meat intake. It has definitely become more popular. There has been a big shift in mentality.

"We have made a few tweaks to the pre-match meal at the club. We don't have red meat 24 hours before a game.

Martin initially made the switch away from meat to help with an ulcerative colitis condition but researching veganism set him off in a direction which has become a way of life.

"I'm a very curious person, I've always read a lot and I started investigating," he said.

"I like the thought process behind protecting the environment and trying to safeguard the future.

"I don't push it onto people but I do think a lot of people who eat meat - especially red meat - are now conscious that they shouldn't eat it every day for health reasons and for the environment as well. I think the...

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