Scotrail Trains Limited 16 April 2024

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Head Office:25 Cabot Square, London E14 4QZT: 020 7282 2000
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16th April 2024
Iain Sheilds
Customer Support Manager
Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd
151 St Vincent Street
G2 5NJ
John Kerr
Regulated Contracts Manager
ScotRail Trains Ltd
Atrium Court
G2 6HQ
Dear Iain and John,
Approval of the 44th supplemental agreement to the track access
contract between Network Rail Infrastructure Limited (Network Rail) and
ScotRail Trains Limited (t.a ScotRail) dated 3 March 2016.
We have today approved the above supplemental agreement submitted to us formally on
11 April under section 22 of the Railways Act 1993 (the Act). This follows an earlier
informal submission of a draft agreement for our consideration. This letter explains the
reasons for our decision.
The purpose of this agreement is to allow ScotRail to amend Schedule 4 and Schedule 8
of their contract to incorporate new infrastructure at Leven. It is a requirement under
Schedule 4 and 8 that passenger services are registered at CMPs. Leven was suitable as
this is an origin/destination location and a natural place for the CMPs to be registered on
the new passenger route. There is also an amendment to two service codes in Schedule 5
which were combined in the 41st SA within schedule 4 and 8.
The changes will commence SCD 2024 and will cease at the end of the contract.
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