NICE Systems have launched ScreenSense, a stand-alone event triggered recording application aimed at contact centres, emergency services and businesses with a requirement for selective customer interaction recording or call annotation. ScreenSense uses events on an agent's monitor, such as changes in a field's contents or the press of a certain key, to trigger or annotate call recording.

Users can:

* Target and select specific types of calls for quality monitoring, such as calls from certain types of customers, or where certain events happened.

* Reduce storage by recording only calls where a specific transaction has taken place.

* Link recorded interactions to a CRM or ERP database, to provide a full record of customer interactions.

ScreenSense is interoperable with virtually any home-grown or third party application, including CRM, ERP, e-Learning, helpdesk and others. It can be customised for individual business needs (using wizards) and runs in Interact Explorer 5.5 or higher

Features include:

* Two Recording Modes--ScreenSense...

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