Ship Mortgage Finance Company Act 1962

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1962 c. xxviii
Ship Mortgage
Ch. xxffi
Finance Company
Act, 1962
CHAPTER xxviii
An Act to exempt Ship Mortgage Finance Company
Limited from the provisions of the Moneylenders
1900 to 1927, as from the incorporation of the
Company until the thirtieth day of January, 1962; and
for other purposes. [19th My, 1962]
HEREAS Ship Mortgage Finance Company Limited
(hereinafter referred to as " the Company") were
incorporated in England on the twenty-seventh day of
March, nineteen hundred and fifty-one, under the Companies
H & 12
Act, 1948, and are a company limited by shares: c-38*
And whereas the objects for which the Company were
established, as set out in the memorandum of association of the
Company dated the sixteenth day of March, nineteen hundred
and fifty-one, and as altered by special resolutions passed
respectively on the twenty-ninth day of March, nineteen hundred
and fifty-seven, and the twenty-seventh day of September,
nineteen hundred and sixty, include the following:
make loans or advances (either alone or with other
companies) on the security of and to subscribe for or
otherwise acquire debentures, debenture stock and any
other securities secured by first mortgages or charges
on ships, dredgers and craft of all descriptions, floating

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