Slap in the face of Israel's founding fathers.

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Having grown up in South Africa, including during the apartheid era, I have kept in touch with the mother continent through your excellent publications, African Business and New African.

My first port of call when my issue of African Business arrived, was to read Anver Versi's editorials. They were invariably brilliantly constructed and a sheer pleasure to read and always provided plenty of rich food for thought.

I missed his editorials when he disappeared for a couple of years but was delighted with his return, albeit in New African. I am pleased that he still packs a punch--if anything, his columns are sharper and more thought-provoking.

That said, his editorial in the June issue, titled 'South Africa's admirable stand', was a masterpiece. I must admit feeling some trepidation when I saw the title and guessed, correctly, that it would lambast the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem and the resulting carnage that followed.

Here we go, I thought. Versi will lay into Israelis and perhaps Jews in general as so many commentators have done. Pardon my lack of faith as he did not and in fact, made it clear that the decision was regarded as abhorrent by a large segment of Jews like myself and particularly in the diaspora.

By making a clear distinction between the policies of the Netanyahu government, Israelis and Jews and articulating this so comprehensively, my faith in Versi was restored. He avoided the temptation to play to the gallery which many commentators, especially in South Africa fell into. For this, much respect.

But over the past month, Israel has once again taken another step on the slippery slope by passing a law that states that only the Jewish people have a right to self-determination. This is a racist law and can only lead to a state of apartheid by another name.

This is not what the founding...

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