Snowman killer

Publication Date20 Dec 2020
William Hargrove lived in Albany, Oregon, while Anna Repkina was in Moscow, Russia.They'd never met in person, but a few months after connecting online, William and Anna were already talking about taking a leap of faith at Christmas and starting a future together.

After splitting from her boyfriend of seven years, caring Anna had been looking for love when she met William online on a Russian social networking site.They seemed to have lots in common, including a love of music and live gigs, and William loved her affectionate nature and sense of humour. Anna worked hard in her office job, but she also dreamed of settling down, getting married and having a family. William seemed to be offering her everything she had ever wanted.

It was 2016, and William, then 26, a bouncer and mechanic, convinced Anna, 27, to make the trip to the US with promises about magical days they could spend together in the snow, snuggling up in front of roaring fires and enjoying a magical Christmas.They could find out whether their feelings were real.

Anna fell for it hook, line and sinker. She agreed to travel to the US to spend the festive season with him, bravely booking flights and taking a chance on love. Anna was looking forward to finding out more about her new boyfriend - not knowing he was hiding a huge secret. William was already in a relationship with someone else.

Michelle Chavez was married with two kids when she met William, but her marriage was on the rocks. She started an affair with William and, bizarrely, let him move into the family home by renting him the spare room.

To the outside world, Michelle looked like William's landlady. It's not known whether her husband had any clue that Michelle and William were actually lovers.

It was while he was living under Michelle's roof that William started to chat to Anna online. Had he been trying to make Michelle jealous because she had been promising to leave her husband and hadn't? Whatever the reason, William's plan was at last coming

THE OTHER WOMAN Michelle Chavez was married with two together - Anna was on her way to see him.

THE MURDERER William Hargrove was heartless his dealings both lovers

After an initial mix-up, when Anna booked a flight to Portland, Maine, instead of Portland,

Oregon, she was finally together with William. And as she stayed with him in Michelle's house, she fell deeper in love.

During her stay, Anna posted happy memories of her overseas visit on social media.The couple took trips to the coast and...

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