Publication Date13 September 2021
At David's hospital bedside, Leyla tries to reassure a distraught Jacob that his dad will recover.

In the hospital waiting room, Pollard tells Victoria that she isn't to blame for the shooting. Bob comforts Wendy, who also blames herself.

Elsewhere, Al suggests to Ellis and Priya that they join forces to work on a large-scale boot camp survival challenge to be held at HOP.

Priya, above, tells Ellis to pitch the idea first to Kim before Al steals all the credit.

EASTENDERS BBC1, 8pm Janine (below) finds Scarlett and Tommy holed up in Tommy's bedroom, but he locks the door and throws the key straight down a crack in the floorboards. The three of them are now trapped in the bedroom as they realise that a fire has broken out. They need to get the key back, fast.

It's also the anniversary of Chantelle's death and Gray finds flowers on his...

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