Sour and sweet in Africa.

AuthorShah, Kokil K.

Your article, Keeping the terrorists at hay (April/May 2020) is a brilliant in-depth analysis of guerrilla warfare insurgencies witnessed in different areas of the African continent.

While the continent is witnessing incidents of terrorist-related activities, it has been turned into a hotbed of regional instability, with tensions and drums of war sounding in many places.

We should not forget the involvement of various rich nations playing their superpower rivalry games to gain maximum geopolitical dominance.

For Africa and the world to curtail upheavals and violence, it must encourage the practice of democratic governance and accountability, which can go a long way to minimising the disruptions to peace and wellbeing of citizens.

That said, as the continent is currently experiencing a change of dynamics on the economic reality front, it is slowly progressing and moving towards deeper regional integration that can unlock the member states' untapped economic potential for the benefit of cross-border trade and general development.

The development of cross-border trade can enhance export earnings, manufacturing activities, and boost employment opportunities for the young upcoming generation.

However, as...

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