Statement in support of annulment - voidable marriage / civil partnership

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterDivorce and civil partnership dissolution forms
Statement in support of
annulment – voidable
marriage / civil partnership
D80G Statement in support of annulment - voidable (04.14) © Crown Copyright 2014
Section 12 Matrimonial Causes Act 1973
Section 50 Civil Part nership Act 2004
2. Do you wish to alter or add to any statement in the nullity petition?
If Yes, please state the alterations or additions to be made.
Yes N o
3. Subject to these alterations or additions (if any) is everything stated in your nullity petition true?
If any statement is not within your own knowledge, please indicate this and state whether it is true to the
best of your information and belief.
Yes N o
About the petition
Yes N o
1. Have you read the nullity petition in this case?
If completing this form by hand, please use black ink a nd BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS and tick the boxes that apply.
To be completed by the Petitioner
Name of court Case No.
Name of Petitioner
Name of Respondent
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