Suffragan Bishops Act 1534

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1534 c. 14
Statutes made at Westminster, Anno 26 Hen . VIII. and Anno Dom.1534. For Nomination of Suffragans, and Consecration of them.

(26 Hen. 8) C A P. XIV.

'AL B E I T that sithen the Beginningof this present Parliament, good and honourable Ordinances and Statutes have been made and established for Elections, Presentations, Consecrations, and investing of Archbishops and Bishops of this Realm, and in all other the King's Dominions, with all Ceremonies appertaining unto the same, as by sundry Statutes thereof made more at large is specified; (2)yet nevertheless no Provision hitherto hath been made for Suffragans, which have been accustomed to be had within this Realm, for the more speedy Administration of the Sacraments, and other good, wholsom and devout Things, and laudable Ceremonies, to the Increase of God's Honour, and for the Commodity of good and devout People:' (3)Be it therefore enacted by Authority of this present Parliament, That the Towns ofThetford, Ipswich, Colchester, Dover, Guilford, Southampton, Taunton, Shaftsbury, Molton, Marlborough, Bedford, Leicester, Glocester, Shresbury, Bristow, Penreth, Bridgwater, Nottingham, Grantham, Hull, Huntington, Cambridge , and the Towns of Pereth and Berwick , S. Germains in Cornwal , and the Isle of Wight , shall be taken and accepted for Sees of Bishops Suffragans to be made in this Realm, and in Wales , and the Bishops of such Sees shall be called Suffragans of this Realm; (4)and that every Archbishop and Bishop of this Realm, and ofWales , and elsewhere within the king's Dominions, being disposed to have any Suffragan, shall and may at their Liberties name and elect, that is to say, every of them for their peculiar Diocese, two honest and discreet Spiritual Persons, being learned, and of good Conversation, and those two Persons so by them to be named, shall present to the King's Highness, by their Writing under their Seals, making humble Request to his Majesty, to give to one such of the said two Persons as shall please his Majesty, such Title, Name, Stile and Dignity of Bishop of such of the Sees above specified, as the King's Highness shall think most convenient for the same; (5)and that the King's Majesty, upon every such Presentation, shall have full Power and Authority to give to one of those two Persons so to his Highness to be presented, the Stile, Title and Name of a Bishop of such of the Sees aforesaid, as to his Majesty shall be thought most convenient and expedient, so it be within the same Province whereof the Bishop that doth name him is.


II. And that every such Person to whom the King's Highness shall give any...

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