Summary of responses to ORR’s consultation on closure procedures (pdf 19 KB)

Summary of responses to ORR’s consultation on closure procedures
General Point
ORR's role in the closure process, as set out in our procedures document, is to:
(a) ensure that the consultation undertaken in accordance with section 3 of the closures guidance, has been carried out
(b) evaluate the assessment made to ensure that the published methodology has been followed correctly; and
(c) consider whether the proposed closure represents poor or low value for money in comparison with retention.
ORR considers that the majority of the comments raised in response to the consultation are adequately addressed by the approach
that we have identified in our procedures.
Respondee Comment ORR’s View
Rail Freight Group The RFG identified three particular areas where it considers
ORR should take particular care when assessing closure
proposals. These are:
(a) ORR should check that freight related elements of any
appraisal have been properly reviewed and considered;
(b) closures which effectively create freight only lines through
the removal of passenger services should be given
particular attention as the full costs of maintaining the
railway will then fall to the freight operators; and
(d) where RFG and freight customers are listed as optional
consultees in the DfT guidance, ORR should check that
any consultation has been properly undertaken and
taken relevant views into account.
ORR considers that the general point set out
above addresses these views.
Doc # 257624.01

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