Supplement for an application for a Recovery Order

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterChildren Act forms
Supplement for an application for
a Recovery Order Form C18
Section 50 Children Act 1989
1 Particulars of the child(ren)
State whether the child[ren] [is] [are]
C18 - w3 (9.99)
To be completed by the court
Date issued
Case number
Child(ren)s number(s)
The court
The full name(s) of the child(ren)
in care
the subject of an emergency protection orderor
in police protection.
a copy
of the
If a childs identity is not known, state details that will identify the child.
You may enclose a recent photograph of the child, which should be dated.
2 The order and direction(s) applied for
State whether the child(ren) (is) (are) to be produced to an authorised person specified by
the court (Section 50(7) Children Act 1989)
whether you require the court to authorise a constable to enter specified premises (Section
50(3)(d) Children Act 1989).
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