Survey reveals 'short measure' pub drinks rip-off

Published date24 May 2024
Publication titleHuddersfield Daily Examiner
Officers who visited 77 pubs and bars were served 96 short measures out of 137 orders, meaning approximately 70% were less than the prescribed quantity required by The Weights and Measures Order for pints and half pints and 175ml glasses of wine

Of the short measures, 41 were under by 5% or more - 29% of the 137 drinks tested.

Some 86% of all beer ordered was short measured, as was 43% of wine. The average deficit for short-measured beer was 4%, while for wine it was 5%.

For the average beer drinker, this equates to a loss of £1.70 per week, or £88.40 a year and for an average wine drinker in the UK this jumps to £2.20...

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