Tackle root cause of corruption.

Author:Shah, Kokil
Position:Letter to the editor

Your article, 'Growing menace of corruption in Southern Africa' (November 2018) is well written on the commonly discussed vice of corruption, which touches the daily life of regular citizens in Africa.

Before going into the depths of this sensitive subject, which is causing such economic and moral damage in all parts of the world, it is important to state that first and foremost, the foundation of transparency starts at the top of the political process in independent sovereign nations.

Without a transparent electoral process, no country can sustain democratic values, with an impartial judicial system. A transparent electoral process, with an independent electoral body appointed to carry out the will of the people, is essential.

If the mandate of the people is respected in an electoral process without being circumvented to favour a group of politicians, than this is the first step to controlling the vice of influence-peddling, sleaze, or palm-greasing.

Political patronage is not common within Africa, but more rampant beyond the boundaries of Africa and in countries whose infrastructure and economies are far more advanced than what Africa has achieved.


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