Top ten viruses reported to Sophos in October 2002.

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This is the latest in a series of monthly charts counting down the ten most frequently occurring viruses and hoaxes compiled by Sophos.

For October 2002, the-virus chart is as follows, with the most frequently occurring virus at number one:

  1. W32/Bugbear-A (Bugbear worm) 77.6%

  2. W32/Klez-H (Klez variant) 6.2%

  3. W32/Opaserv-A (Opaserv worm) 2.5%

  4. W32/Yaha-E (Yaha variant) 1.1%

  5. W32/Badtrans-B (Badtrans variant) 0.8%

    6=.W32/Nirnda-D (Nimda variant) 0..7%

    6=.W32/Opaserv-C(Opaserv variant) 0.7%


    (Opaserv variant) 0.7%

  6. W32/Elkern-C (Elkern variant) 0.6%

  7. W32/Opaserv-B (Opaserv variant) 0.5%

    After seven months at the top, Klez-H has finally been knocked off its perch by the Bugbear worm,

    Bugbear is a box of tricks that not only spreads via email and...

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