Thames Tunnel (Wapping and Rotherhithe) Act 1805

Publication Date:January 01, 1805
Thames Tunnel (Wapping and Rotherhithe) Act 1805

(45 Geo. 3) c. cxvii

An Act for making and maintaining an Archway or Archways under the River Thames from the Parish of Saint Mary Rotherhithe, in the County of Surrey, to the opposite Side of the said River, in the County of Middlesex

[12th July 1805]

ANNO QUADRAGESIMO QUINTO GEORGII III REGIS. Cap. 117. An A61 for making and maintaining an Archway or Archways under the River Thames from the. Parifh of Saint Mary Rotherhithe^ in the County of Surrey, to the oppofite Side of the faid River, in the Coun ty of Middle/ex. [ i 2th yuly 1805.] HEREAS the making and maintaining of an Archway or Archways of a convenient Breadth for the Paflage of Cattle and Carriages^ or of Foot Paffengers only, under the River Tha?nes from fome Parr or Parts of the Parifh of Sai?it Mary Rotberbithe, in the County of Surrey, to fome Part or Parts of the feveral Parifhes of Saint Dun/Ian* s Stebonheatb otherwife Stebonhylhey commonly called Saint Dunjlai?$ Stepney 1 Saint Ann's Limeboufe^ Saint Paul's Shadwell other- wife Chad's IVell^ Saint John of JVapping, and Saint George, in the County of Middle/ex, or of fome or One of them, in fuch Manner that an un interrupted Land Communication might be opened between the oppofite Shores of the Counties of Surrey and Middle/ex, would be attended not only with great Advantage to thofe particular Counties, but would alfo be 'of great National Advantage as a Military Road or Pafs ; but the fame cannot be eife&ed without the Aid and Authority of Parliament:: May it therefore pleafe Your Majefty that it may be enadled ?, and be it enacted by the King's mofl Excellent Majefty, by and with the Advice and Content of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this tUc. fc? Ptr.l 25 /- Prefent 12$0 45GEORGII III. Cap. 117. prefent Parliament aflembled, and by the Authority of the fame, Thai Proprietors. John A/nut I, Butt, Francis Bern a/com, Be//, Thomas. Brought on 1 IVilliam Bell, George Bedford\ Harvey Chrijiian Ccmbe, Combe junior, Campbell ? Ed%va?:dCampbell, Peter Campbellr, Samuel Cooke', [Villiam Chapman, 'John JVyatt Dobbs, Henry Dobbs, Sir "Jajaes Durno, "Thomas Dobbs, Peter Davey, Robert Elliott* John Eguiton^WiL Ham Bo/ivcrth Farn, John Graham, Eduuard Gray, L C Hanbury, Tho7iia$ Har vcy, William Harvey^ Charles Har?nan, Thomas Herbe)t, Abraham Bailey Herbert, Thomas Herbert junior, //. Ho/eh, Thomas Hall, Robert Johnfoiiy Edward Jack/072, Thomas Cartzvr'ight Jack/on, James Lojh^ Wil liam LqJIo, Daniel Rol/e Munn, John Maitheivfon, Alexander MundcIL Thomas Oldjield, Charles Pear/on, OJborne Pwiflion, Thomas Poyndcr, Ro bert Rob/on, William Rothcrham, Rankin, Riijfcl, George Robin/on^ William Ritchie, tlaytcr Reed, Jioper, Thomas Rowcroji^ Thomas Smithy . Hannah Syhwns, Edward Straey} John' Southern^ William Stratford^ Charles Smart, Samuel Sazuyer, Charles Hampden Turner, James Taddy, Thornton, William Vazic, Robert Vazie, Phoebe Vazie, George Va-zie, Francis Vazie} Thomas IVillimott, Thonuis Wyatt ^Charles fVyciti, H. P. Ward, Jeffry Wyatt, T IV. lVl/linghat//bn, Henry PVyat/, Charles Wheeler, PVilliam IVright^Jofcph P/ilfon, together with fuch Perfon or Per- Tons, Body or Bodies Politick, Corporate, or Collegiate, as they or the major Part of them prefent at any General Aflembly to be holden for the Purpofes of this A&, fhall nominate and appoint; and their feveral and refpeftiye Su ceflors. Executors, AdminiPtratbrs, and Affigns, being Proprietor or Pro prietors of any Share or Shares in the Archway or Archways hereby au- fneorporatcd. thorized to be made, fhall be and are hereby united into a Company for making and maintaining the faid Archway or Archways paffablefor Horfes and Cattle, with or without "Carriages, and for Foot Paflfengers, accord-ing .to .the1 Rules, Orders, and 'Directions herein mentioned and cjtr pfefTed, and fhall for that Purpofe be one Body Politick and Corporate, by Their Style the Name and Style of The Thames Archway Company\ andby that Narnc fhall have perpetual S.ucceflion and a Common Seal, and by that Name 'lira 11 and may fue and be fued, and alfo fhall and may have Power and Authority to purchafe Houfes, Buildings, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, to them and their Succellbrs and AfTigns, for the Ufe qf the faid Archway or Archways, and for the feveral Works hereby authorized to be made, and for t-he feveral other Purpofes herein mentioned, without incurring any of the ;PeriaItics or Forfeitures of thcStatutes of Mortmain, and alfo to fell any of the Houfes, Buildings, Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, purchafed for the Purpofes aforefaid. Coinp.iny to II. And be it further ena&ed by the Authority aforefaid, That it fhall r?l/"e n?1 morf an^ may be lawful to and for the faid Company of Proprietors to raife for making and contribute amongft themfelves a competent Sum of Money for the the Arciiway 02 Azchwo) s. Purpofe of making and maintaining the faid Archway or Archways, and the feveral Aqueducts, Ways, Roads, Engines, and all other Works and Conveniences belonging or requifite thereto, net exceeding in the whole the Sum of One hundred and forty thoufand Pounds (fave and except as herein mentioned); and fuch Sum fhall be divided into Shares of One hundred Pounds each ; and fuch Shares fhall be and are hereby vefted in the feveral Perfons lb fubferibing, and their Succeffors, and their feveral and rcfpedHve Executors, Administrators, and Affigns, to rheir and every of their proper Ufe and Benefit, proportionably to the Sums they fhaJl 2 feverally 45pGEORGII III. Cap. u7. 225% feverally raife and contribute j and ail Bodies Politick, Corporate, and Collegiate ana all Perfons their feveral and revive 'SuccdTon, E. OnTol^ Hiali Severally fubfcribe for One or mqie Shaie or Shares, or luch Sum or Sums as fhall be demanded jn lieu thereof towards carrying on and completing the laid Archway or Archways, and omcr the Purpofes of the faid Subfeription, ihall be en-titled to and receive the entire and net Diftribution of an equal proportionable Part, according to the Money fo by them refpeftively paid of thePronts and Advantages that fliall and may arife and accrue by'the Tolls and other Sums ot Money to be raifed, recovered, or received by the faicl Company by the Authority of this A& $ and every Body Politick, Corporate, and .Collegiate, Perlbn and Perfons, having fuch Property in the laid Undertaking as aforefaid, fliall advance and pay a proportionable Sum towards carrying on the fame in Manner herein direfted and appointed; III. And be it further cnafted, That all and every the Shares and shares to bo Proportions of all Bodies Politick, Corporate, and Collegiate, and all J!e'rnal other Perfon and Perfons whomfoever, of and in the laid'Archway or ^^ Archways, or the Joint Stock or Fund of the faid Company of Proprietors, and of the Tolls, Rates, and Duties payable by virtue of this A£t, fliall be and be deemed ro be Perfonal Eftate, and tranfmifllble as fuch, and not of the Nature of Real Property. IV* And be it further enafted, That every Body Politick, Corporate* Subfcribers to or Collegiate, and every Perfon who fhall by virtue of this Aft have ha" a Vote fubferibed or undertaken for One or more Share or Shares in the faid or.cac! ^ larc Undertaking, his, her, or their refpeftive Succeflbrs, Executors, Admi- niftrators, and Afligns, fhall have a Vote in the feveral Aflemblies to be holden as herein appointed .for carrying on the faid Undertaking, for every fuch Share, but not exceeding Five Votes in the Whole, although pof- ieffed of more than Five Shares, which Vote or Votes may be given by them, him, or her, or by their, his, or her Proxies or Proxy, conftituted under the Seal of fuch Body Politick, Corporate, or Collegiate, or under the Hand of fuch other Perfon, every fuch Proxy being a Proprietor in the faid Undertaking; and every fuch Vote by Proxy fliall be as good and fuflicient to all Intents and Purpofes as if fuch Principal had voted in Perfon 3 and every Queftion, Matter, and Thing which fliall be propofed, difcufled, or confidered in any General or Special Aflembly of the faid Company, fliall be determined by the Majority of Votes and Proxies then prefent : Provided neverthelefs, that no Perfon fliall give or deliver in Proxies for more than Five Shares; the Appointment of which Proxies may be made according to the Form following : * t si. B. of ^ne f t^e Proprietors of Form of Ap* 1 the Thames Archway, do hereby nominate, conftitute, and appoint p^nt0 * c. d. of to ,be my c Proxy in my Name, and in my Abfence to vote or give my Aflent or 1 have hereunto fee my Wand, the Uay ot DifTent to any Bufincfs, Marter, or Thing relating to thejaid Under- c taking, that fliall be mentioned or propofed at any Aflembly of the V* And 2252 45*GEORGXI ni- Cap. 117, Compxny may V. And be it further enacted, That in cafe the Money hercin-bcfore iToiiafstuti'jV authorized to be raifed fhall be found infufficient for the making, com- neccfrary. pleting, and maintaining of the faid Archway or Archways, and other the Works hereby authorized to be made, and all neceffary Charges and Expences relating thereto, then and in fuch Cafe it fhall and may be lawful to and i'ov die faid Company of Proprietors to raife and contribute amongfi themfelves in Manner and Form aforefaid, and in fuch Shares and Proportions as to them fhall feem meet, or to raife by the Admiffion of new Subfcribers any further or other Sum of Money for completing and perfecting the faid Undertaking, not exceeding in the Whole the Sum of Sixty thoufand ? Pounds ; and every Perfon, Body Politick, Corporate, or Collegiate, fubferibing towards railing fuch further or other Sum of Money, fhall be a Proprietor in the faid Undertaking, and (hall Have a like Vote by himfelf, herfell, or themfelves, or his, her, or their Proxy or Proxies, in refpect of every One hundred Pounds of the faid additional Sum to be raifed, and fhall alfo be liable to...

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