The Catholic Marriage Advisory Council

Publication Date01 November 1946
AuthorGraham J. Graham-Green
Date01 November 1946
The Catholic Marriage Advisory Council was registered
this stage, it is perhaps well to dispel the illusion which
under the Companies Act, 1929, on August 19th, 1946, as a
has arisen from time to time that the Consultant sees
Company Limited by Guarantee and without a share
the applicant and then passes the applicant on to the
capital, with the follo~wing principal objects:
specialist adviser, who resolves the trouble. Whilst the
(1 ) - To promote, by
specialist adviser may be able substantially to dispose of
means of advice, guidance and educa-
tion, successful Roman Catholic marriages and
case, as in most nullity cases !which are referred to

the Bishop of the Diocese
concerned, it is the Consultant
who is responsible for deciding, either personally or after
(2) To provide or assist in the provision of Roman
taking advice from the specialist, what step has to be
Catholic education for young men and women
taken at each stage and that such step is, in fact, taken.
contemplating marriage in order that they may have
The following is a short description of the way in
a proper understanding of the rights, duties and
which the Council functions. Applicants either write in
responsibilities of Roman Catholic married life.
or call for an appointment and they are then interviewed
(3) To establish or assist in the establishment of centres
by a Consultant of the same sex. A record card and case
where Roman Catholic husbands and/or wives may
sheet is prepared; the case sheet sets out the history of
obtain advice and guidance of all kinds in their
the case and continues with the advice given to the
marital difficulties.
applicant and the action to be taken by the Consultant.
(4) To keep the need for successful Roman Catholic
This is four record purposes generally and in particular
marriages and parenthood in the minds of all con-
for the benefit of the Chief Consultant. The husband,
cerned by every available method of publicity.
or wife, as the case may be, of the applicant is next
The members consist of representatives nominated by’
interviewed on the principle that there is invariably two
sides to
every Catholic Society in Great Britain, repre-
every story, and his or her version of the events
sentatives of the Catholic Clergy and laity, including His
is obtained.

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