The Future Eppo: What Role for the Cjeu?

Publication Date01 Dec 2015
AuthorRaphaële Parizot
SubjectSession 5: The CJEU and Future Challenges
538 Intersentia
R P**
Article86 TFEU relating to the establishment of a European Public Prosecutor’s O ceis
not very explicit about how the o ce will work (structure, statute, procedure). In
particular nothing is developed aboutrelations with the Cour t of Justice. Yet the question
is fundamental in that, more generally, it raises the question of the structuring of
criminal justice and of the cont rol (under di erent aspects: di sciplinary, jurisdictional)
of the European Public Prosecutor’s O ce.  e question of the control over the European
Public Prosecutor’s O ce or rather the role of the Court of Justice in relation to the
future European Public Prosecutor’s O ce is dealt with in the proposal for a Council
Regulation on the establishment of a European Public Prosec utor’s O c e of 17Ju ly 2013
and in the European Parliament resolution of 12March 2014 on the proposal for a
Council regulation on the establishment of the European P ublic Prosecutor’s O ce.  is
contribution presents and discu sses the main problems and challenges surrounding this
Keywords: Cour t of Justice of the Europea n Union, criminal proce edings; European
Public Prosecutor’s O ce;  nanci al interests of the European Union
e idea of a European Public Prosecutor, or a European Public Prosecutor’s O ce,
was developed for the  rst time in the Corpus Juris projec t, a well-k nown project
directed by Professor Mireil le Delmas-Marty and Professor John Vervaele and related
to crimina l law provisions for the protection of the  nancia l interests of the European
Union (art.18 e s.).1
* is contribution is to be considered an article, with reference to the traditional NJECL division
between Ar ticles and Opinion.
** Professor at the Univer sity of Paris Ouest Na nterre La Défense, C entre de droit pénal et de
1 M. Delmas-Ma rty et J.A.E Vervaele, La mi se en œuvre du Corpus ju ris dans les Etats m embres, Vol.
I, Antwerp, Inte rsentia, 2000, 39 4p.

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