The Left Behind

Date06 December 2018
Publication Date06 December 2018
AuthorNigel Culkin,Richard Simmons
Success Breeds Success
Helps (1868)
Failure breeds Failure. The Seeds they have sown
We are expected to reap Foundation (2015)
In an analysis of the 2016 Referendum results, part of the narrative behind
the Leave Voteis the taleof the Left Behind. This group is statistically cor-
related to poor educational attainment, denoted by social attitudes aligned
to economic insecurity and alienation from the successful.
While 59% of
the Brexit vote came from the middle classes (albeit a substantial proportion
of whom who were over 65) only 21% of the vote came from people identi-
ed as having routineor semi-routinejobs (which we take as a proxy to
indicate the size of the Left Behind vote).
Although not the biggest group
in the Leave Vote, the Left Behindare an important, sizable, distinct group.
The largest pro leavegroup are the retired, many of whom are middle class
home owners.
Having identied there is a Left Behindconstituency, how it is dened?
One proxy that is regularly used in statistical studies is to measure relative
educational attainment in connection with sex and ethnicity. The argument
runs that the Left Behindare dominated by white working-class males of
low educational attainment. This denition does not stand on its own as the

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