The North East Remembers

Published date17 September 2022
JENNIFER CUMMINGS NE3 RIP Your Majesty. Our country and the whole world will be a sadder place without you. You were a most wonderful and caring human being. My condolences to your family at this very, very sad time

EMMANUEL NE5 You were a great example of dedication to God, nation and people. KENNETH BALDWIN NE15 The People's Queen. Our Queen. Thank you for your unwavering service to

country its people and Commonweath as well as the rest of the world. God bless you LESLEY HEANEY NE6 RIP our Queen, such an amazing lady. You did your country and people proud. Go join your husband you can rest at last no pain or suffering God bless you.

JANICE NE6 RIP. Queen Elizabeth you done our country proud, and now it's time for you to rest x MARIE H NE15 RIP. Will be remembered forever. TONY GRIEVE NE4 My heartfelt thanks to her majesty for the service you have given to the country. May you rest in peace knowing that you have forfilled your promise made all those years ago. RIP Queen Elizabeth LISA NE15 For our Queen.

DEBORAH LINES NE6 Thank you for everything Your Majesty, you can rest easy your job is done. Back with your devoted husband Prince Philip. May you rest in peace, forever remembered. ASH NE13 RIP beautiful lady Your Majesty The Queen. C TAYLOR NE3 Thank you Your Majesty for your long and loyal service. I hope now that you rest in peace along with Philip. Back with your love where you belong. LOUISE SAUNDERS NE6 Thank you Your Majesty, for the fantastic service, support, safety of continuity and care you have provided to our country and the

commonwealth for a lifetime. God rest your soul. SHANTELLE NE15 RIP to our Queen.

A NE13 RIP Queen, you will never be forgotten. You can now rest and not worry about anything anymore, you deserve your rest.

DANNY T NE4 The Queen has done so much for countries and people across the world. You will be a big mis our majesty. RIP TRICIA NE5 You were always an inspiration for others. You will be sadly missed. RIP Queen Elizabeth II.

SHARON SMITH NE3 RIP the Queen... you will be sadly missed, you are in all our hearts and prayers, you are with your husband Philip now.

CAROL SMITH NE5 You light up the nation with your smile. Your memory will live on. God bless.

NESSA NE3 Rest in peace Your Majesty The Queen. You are reunited with your love again.

ANGELA SMITH NE4 Our hearts have been broken, but your heart has been mended you are now back in the arms of your beloved Philip x VLASTIMIL BERKY NE4 RIP God bless you dear Queen Elizabeth. LINDA CORBETT NE3 RIP Your Majesty - reunited with your beloved Philip you went above and beyond to serve your people your country and the commonwealth with grace and dignity.

WILLIAM MARSHALL NE4 Your Majesty you have been an absolute asset to this country. You have seen many good and bad things in this world and also personal tragedies, but have held

strong and smiled for your people. God Rest The Queen. PATRICIA MARK NE5 Remembering a gracious wonderful lady who dedicated her life in the service of my country. May she rest in peace.

JANE NE5 May you rest in eternal peace you reigned our country at a young age, you were much loved by everyone around the globe. My thoughts are with the Royal family at this sad time. GARETH STEWART NE6 She served our country well and will truly be missed by millions.

PAM NE13 You were a great ruler of this country and will be missed by millions. You're now with Phillip your loving husband. Rest in peace ma'am. God bless. S K NE4 A wonderful human being the world is less without you.

JOAN DUNN NE15 You served our country to the very end a dedicated and selfless lady. It's now time for you to take a well deserved rest. Rest in peace, you will be remembered forever. SUSANNE NE5 You were something special to everyone you will be sadly missed, may you rest in peace with your beloved Philip xxxxx ATHINA MASTROGIANNI

NE4 Rest in peace. CAROL NE6 RIP. CHRIS CHARGE NE3 A wise and caring lady who if everyone followed the world would be a safer and better place. RIP EDWARD N KIM NE6 A sad farewell to our wonderful Queen Elizabeth II. You did our country proud for all your wonderful years as our Queen. A most respected person RIP.

RACHEL FORREST NE7 Shine bright our beautiful Queen.

CAROL CHARLTON NE15 Condolences to your family rest in peace will be sadly missed.

LEZLI NE15 Good night, God bless. Rest peacefully in the arms of our Lord and your family. Thank you for all you have done for your people and the world. You kept your word and devoted your whole life to the service of us all. Thinking of your family at this sad time.

JASON LEE MEYNELLREA NE15 Rest in the loving

embrace of your heavenly family. Thank you for a job well done. xxx GEORDIE NE1 Gan Canny Bonnie Lass. RIP CHERYL NE15 Rest your wings in your Philip's arms he needed you back beside him, xx IRENE NE3 God bless her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Now with her beloved husband philip. P LACKFORD NE5 Now you

can be with your beloved husband. May you rest in peace. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022 JEANNETTE DUNCAN NE3 Deepest condolences to the Royal family on the sad loss of this wonderful lady. Thank you for your years of dedication and service to our country and the Commonwealth. You will be sadly missed Your Majesty. God bless, RIP Queen Elizabeth.

JULIE WAKENSHAW NE5 RIP Queen Elizabeth. Thank you for everything you have done for 70 years for our country. May you rest in peace.

RAYMOND SISTERSON NE5 You were so loyal to our country, you were a Queen we could all look up to, you were a Queen we were all proud to call ours, you were a Queen we all loved, you are a Queen that will be greatly missed. RIP Ma'am. Long Live The King KAREN NE6 Rest in peace, your Majesty, with your Philip now x JAMES NE6 RIP Your Majesty, you captured the hearts of a nation and will be forever cherished in our hearts. x JUNE QUINN NE5 You will always be remembered and loved by the whole world. May you rest in peace with Prince Philip, you always had a smile for your people. RIP our Queen.

SANDRA WRIGHT NE6 A huge hole has been left by the Queen's passing, thoughts with the royal


DEBRA FORSTER NE6 So sad for the loss of our beautiful Queen Elizabeth II. My thoughts and prayers are with all the family. RIP beautiful lady x WALTER PURVIS NE7 Queen Elizabeth has always been there for the nation. After a long and glorious reign she will be sadly

missed. My prayers go out to her family.

JAMES NE6 RIP Your Majesty, you captured the hearts of a nation and will be forever cherished in our hearts. x MARIE NE4 Such sad news of the Queen's passing. She was an inspiration to millions of people DAVID ALFRED BONE NE15 Thank you, sweet dreams.

LINA NE2 RIP THELMA NE6 Rest in peace LINDA NE13 Remembered with love. Rest in peace Xx HELEN BRADY NE3 Queen Elizabeth II was an inspiration to us all - she served her country so well for 70 years. May she rest in peace. Forever in our hearts. KAY ZAREI NE5 Thank you Ma'am.

NAOMI NE3 RIP our beautiful Queen with your radiant smile and twinkly blue eyes. Thank you for your exemplary steadfastness to duty, always being there for our country and the

Commonwealth, lifting our spirits and steadying the ship when needed. The world has

lost a great force for good. Always in our hearts. A FUSILIER NE1 A light has passed from the world today, RIP and Godspeed Boss. God save the King SAMANTHA NE6 The Queen will be the biggest miss ever. Thoughts with the royal family xx ELIZABETH NE5 RIP our Queen you done us proud of our country. 1953 I was born you're the only Queen in my life and I was named after you. RIP you will be sadly missed.

PAUL TILLEY NE1 Rest In peace Your Majesty, you will be the only Queen I will ever have the pleasure to know. CAROLE FLEETHAM NE3 Thank you for your loyal service to the country, now you can Rest in Peace with your beloved Philip. DAVID & GLYNIS KELLY NE6 May Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Rest in peace safe in the Lord's tender care, now reunited with Prince

Philip. God save our King. Candles will be lit at St Dominic's RC Church in her memory.

GILLIAN GIBSON NE15 My family and I send our deepest sympathy to all Her Majesty's family and friends at this very sad time. She has been a loyal servant to our country for 70 years. The Queen was like the grandmother of our lives. RIP.

KATHLEEN BROWN NE3 Thank you for your 70 years of duty and service. Rest in

Peace, and may God bless your Royal family.

DIANE FLAMSON NE6 RIP Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth. You have done the UK proud of 70 years. my thoughts are with the royal family at this sad time. Fly high and shine bright you are now reunited with your husband for eternity xx ANGELA SMITH NE6 RIP Queen Elizabeth. SOPHIE NE3 Your Majesty. Words cannot explain how saddened I am to hear of your passing. You were an inspiration and role model to

many, myself included. We thank you for your many years of selfless service to the United Kingdom. Rest well Ma'am.

THOMPSON NE3 Deep respect, RIP PAM MASON NE6 Thank you Ma'am, never will we forget you. RIP JANETTE NE4 Dear Queen, you were our sovereign, you may be with your late mother, husband and family. Just wanted to say you'll never be forgotten. God save the Queen and long live the King STEVE AND BERTHA NE4 RIP you will be sadly missed. Hopefully the King will do as well.

FLORA MCTAVISH NEILSON JOHNSTON NE5 I married on 28 February 1952 - a few days after you ascended to the throne. Your life was memorable and at 94 years of age: so has my life. thank you for your constant

inspiration SHERRIE NE7 Your Majesty, thank you for your stability and commitment to our

nation. May you be back by the side of your soulmate once again. Your legend will always live on. God save the Queen.

AJ NE7 Queen of Hearts. Forever. Rest in peace with your Prince. XxxxX AVNI NE7 Rest in peace dearest Queen, with your Prince xxxx FIONA NE6 Prayers are with your family! God rest their soul MR&MRS L & P CLIFT NE5 You made us proud to be British. Eternally grateful for...

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