The Offshore Chemicals Regulations 2002 (Version in vigour from 2002-05-15 to )

Coming into Force15 May 2002
  • These Regulations may be cited as the Offshore Chemicals Regulations 2002 and shall come into force on the day after the day on which they are made.
  • In these Regulations—
  • (1) Subject to paragraphs (2) and (3) , no person shall use or discharge any offshore chemical in the relevant area after the prescribed date otherwise than in accordance with the terms of, and conditions attached to, a permit.such time as the Secretary of State may specify by notice; or(if no notice is given by the Secretary of State in accordance with sub-paragraph (a) ) the date after the day on which the period of two years commencing on the prescribed date expires.(3) A person using or discharging an offshore chemical in accordance with paragraph (2) shall provide the Secretary of State with such information as the Secretary of State may reasonably require for the purpose of performing her functions under these Regulations.the consultation parties; and(except where the permit application is one to which regulation 7(2) applies) the general public.(2) The Secretary of State shall not grant a permit unless she is satisfied that there has been substantial compliance with regulation 7.(3) Where the Secretary of State grants a permit, she shall send it to the permit applicant.(4) Where the Secretary of State refuses a permit application, she shall give notice of such refusal to the permit applicant.(5) The Secretary of State shall publish in the Gazettes notice of the granting of any permit.(1) The Secretary of State may attach to any permit such conditions as she thinks fit.the quantity, frequency, location and duration of any permitted use or discharge of offshore chemicals are subject to appropriate restrictions;any permit granted for the use or discharge of any offshore chemical requires the operator to seek a suitable, less hazardous substitute;all appropriate measures are taken to prevent pollution in particular through the appropriate use of technology to limit discharge, emissions and waste;necessary measures are taken to prevent accidents affecting the environment or, where they occur, to limit their consequences in relation to the environment;provisions relating to measurement techniques, technology and frequency and to evaluation procedures; andobligations to supply the Secretary of State with data required for checking compliance with the permit, including any data setting out the actual quantity, frequency and location of the use and discharge of any offshore chemicals which has occurred during a specified period;long-distance or transboundary pollution is minimised; andappropriate measures are taken in relation to conditions other than normal operating conditions including start-ups, leaks, malfunctions, temporary stoppages and permanent cessation of operations.a description of the offshore installation on or from which the offshore chemical is to be used or discharged, and the location of the offshore installation in the relevant area;a description of the proposed technology and other techniques for preventing or, where prevention is not possible, reducing the use or

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