The RAF Barford St John Byelaws 2014


2014No. 862


The RAF Barford St John Byelaws 2014



The Secretary of State for Defence makes the following byelaws in exercise of the powers conferred by section 14(1) of the Military Lands Act 1892( 1).

In accordance with section 17(1) of that Act the Secretary of State before making these byelaws caused the proposed byelaws to be made known in the locality, gave an opportunity for objections being made to the same, and received and considered all objections made.

Citation and commencement

1. These byelaws may be cited as the RAF Barford St John Byelaws 2014 and come into force on 19th July 2014.


2. (1) In these byelaws-

"appointed person" means the person who has been appointed by the Secretary of State for Defence to be responsible for the Protected Area and the Controlled Areas;

"Commonwealth force" has the same meaning as in section 374 of the Armed Forces Act 2006( 2);

"Controlled Area" means an area of land coloured blue on the byelaws maps set out in the Schedule;

"firearm" has the same meaning as in section 57(1) of the Firearms Act 1968( 3);

"headquarters" means a headquarters or organisation designated by an Order in Council under section 1 of the International Headquarters and Defence Organisations Act 1964( 4);

"Her Majesty's forces" has the same meaning as in section 374 of the Armed Forces Act 2006;

"invalid carriage" means an invalid carriage as defined in section 20 of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970( 5) that complies with the prescribed requirements and is used in accordance with the prescribed conditions set out in Regulations( 6) made by the Minster of Transport under section 20 of that Act;

"lawful user" means any-

(a) constable;(b) member of Her Majesty's forces;(c) Crown servant;(d) member of a Commonwealth force;(e) member of a visiting force or headquarters; or(f) person in possession of a written permission from the appointed person;

"motor vehicle" does not include an invalid carriage;

"offensive weapon" has the meaning given in byelaw 3;

"Protected Area" means the area of land coloured pink on the byelaws maps set out in the Schedule;

"service authorities" means naval, military or air force authorities; and

"visiting force" means any body, contingent or detachment of the forces of a country for the time being present in the United Kingdom on the invitation of Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom and any member of the civilian component of that force as defined in section 10 of the Visiting Forces Act 1952( 7).

(2) The Protected Area and the Controlled Areas together comprise an area of land known as RAF Barford St John shown for illustrative purposes only on the location map set out in the Schedule.

Definition of offensive weapon

3. For the purpose of these byelaws "offensive weapon" means any article-

(a) made or adapted for use for causing injury to persons, animals or birds or for trapping animals or birds; or(b) intended by the person having it with him for such use or for threatening such use by him or by some other person.

Application of these byelaws

4. (1) Subject to paragraph (2), these byelaws apply to the Protected Area and the Controlled Areas.

(2) These byelaws do not interfere with the highways within the Controlled Areas, and such highways are shown marked with a green line on the byelaws maps in the Schedule.

Prohibited Activities - Protected Area

5. No person shall-

(a) enter or leave the Protected Area except by way of an official entrance or exit;(b) remain in the Protected Area after having been directed to leave by a constable or person described in byelaw 12;(c) obstruct a lawful user acting in the proper exercise of their duty within the Protected Area;(d) cause or permit any vehicle, animal or thing to enter the Protected Area;(e) take any visual image of any person or thing within the Protected Area when they are in...

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