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Published date19 May 2024
Publication titlePeople, The
Elsewhere, Caleb and Ruby wait for Nicky to come out of his coma and decide they want to take revenge on Ethan. The next day, Ethan lies bloodied and bruised in the middle of the road after a deliberate hit-and-run. He stumbles into the village, where he collapses

EastEnders BBC One Whitney and Zack are a vision of happiness with their baby, but Zack's bliss is brief when Bianca arrives home with Britney. Zack speaks to Britney alone, pleading with her to keep quiet about his affair with Lauren. But that's put on the back burner when he realises he hasn't told his friends that he and Whitney have cancelled their wedding. Soon, Whitney decides the ceremony is back on, but as the couple prepare to say their vows, Britney can't contain herself and reveals her secret to Whitney.

Plus, the Knights learn Junior has a secret family - his wife Monique and son, Xavier. And Elaine says they can move into The Vic.

Coronation Street ITV1 At the garage, Tyrone opens an email and is stunned by its contents. He eventually tells Abi...

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