The wild wild Rover.


The Rover 75 is not a car you forget. Coming from someone who has been known absent-mindedly to leave her car at an engagement and take the tube home, this is no flippant comment. It may not have the sex appeal of a Porsche Boxter, but park the 75 outside a restaurant and your companion will have to work hard to get your attention.

As drives go, the car delivers what you would expect -- great acceleration and handling and barely a hum of engine noise. But the real bonus is the plethora of gadgets to play with. Need a hand finding your way around Birmingham? No problem -- the High Line Navigation tool will not only show you where you are on the map, but it will also guide you there with soothing instructions. Better still, if you are early for a meeting, park your car and the navigation screen turns into a television -- and the reception's not bad either.

The dashboard is modelled along the lines of Sixties racing cars. Luxurious leather upholstery combined with everything from a high-powered music system to a cup/canned drink holder mean that practicality and style achieve the perfect balance. While modelled along similar lines to the Jaguar S-Type and the Volvo S80, the Rover feels slightly less roomy but, on the plus side, this makes it feel more like a sports car. It may be an executive's car, but you don't feel too grown-up at the wheel.

The Rover 75 has already won awards from a...

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