Transition to `Enterprise Content Management' will lead to market clear-out.

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Butler Viewpoint

There is not enough business to go round and as a consequence there will be considerable consolidation in the Content Management market place said Tim Jennings, Research Production Director of Buffer Group in the company's Document and Content Management Symposium on 18 & 19 September.

Tim points to a significant lack of business to sustain the 150 plus players in the wider information management market, in spite of the fact that it is a lucrative market with high demand.

Butler Group foresees Content

Management vendors strengthening their position through mergers and acquisitions. The result of this is likely to be that a few strong Enterprise Content Management companies survive in the long-term. Butler Group also sees Content Management moving from its current status--as purely an application--to that of being part of the infrastructure. Tim continued: `This places content very much in the same space as data, in its association with storage. In Butler Group's opinion, the content is becoming part of the infrastructure and will be manipulated by...

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