Transport for London Act 2008

JurisdictionEngland & Wales
Citation2008 c. i
Page 1 23-06-2008 20:28:07 Layout: COECOV Unit: COVS
Transport for London
Act 2008
Transport for London Act 2008
1 Citation and commencement
2 General interpretation
3 Appointed day
Road user charging
4 Interpretation of Part 2
5 Contravention of requirement of TfL scheme
6 Extension of power to include enforcement provisions in TfL scheme
7 Power to suspend TfL scheme
8 Failure to notify changes in eligibility for exemptions etc.
London cabs and private hire vehicles
London cabs: general provisions
9 Power to designate directional taxi ranks
10 Power to designate rest ranks
11 Taxi driversbadges
12 Public register of cab licences not to include holdersaddresses
13 Cost of replacement badges
14 Time limit for making complaints
15 Fares for journeys ending outside London
16 Unf‌it cabs
Transport for London Act 2008 (c. i)
London cabs and private hire vehicles: f‌ixed penalties
17 Fixed penalty cab and private hire vehicle offences
18 Power to amend Schedule 1
19 Fixed penalty notices
20 Levels of f‌ixed penalties
21 Fixed penalties: reserve powers of Secretary of State
22 Regulations
Private hire vehicles
23 Production of London PHV drivers badge
24 Return of licences etc. on suspension or revocation
25 Obligation of London operators to keep records
26 Public register of licences not to include holdersaddresses
Surface transport
27 Penalty fare levels
28 Enforcement of fares
29 Anti-social behaviour orders
Street management
30 Interpretation of Part 5
31 Special parliamentary procedure where order under section 10 of 1980 Act
affects GLA roads
32 Local and private Act functions with respect to former GLA roads
33 Powers in relation to privately maintainable bridges carrying GLA roads
34 Power to erect f‌lag poles etc. on GLA roads
35 Prevention of soil etc. being washed on to GLA roads
36 Dangerous land adjoining GLA roads
37 Forecourt abutting on GLA roads
38 Powers relating to retaining walls near GLA roads
39 Power to erect barriers in GLA roads in case of emergency etc.
40 Power to use vehicles and appliances on footways
Provision of amenities or services on certain GLA roads
41 Scope of sections 42 to 47
42 Provision etc. of services and amenities by TfL
43 Provision of recreation and refreshment facilities by TfL
44 Limits of powers under sections 42 and 43
45 Notices to be given before exercise of powers under sections 42 and 43
46 Consent of local authority required
47 Consents not to be unreasonably withheld
48 Saving for Planning Acts

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