TreasuryXpress partners with FXD Capital to improve cash visibility.

BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 22, 2019-TreasuryXpress partners with FXD Capital to improve cash visibility


TreasuryXpress, a provider of on-demand treasury management solutions (TMS), has announced it has partnered with FXD Capital, a money broker and deposit specialist, to empower corporate treasurers and finance directors to achieve comprehensive cash visibility and improve the way they manage their idle cash, the company said.

FXD Capital is money broker and deposit specialist that works with corporates, institutions, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations providing an independent and proactive cash management service. Through a network of banks and institutional relationships, FXD Capital bridges the gap between depositors and banks, enabling clients to make informed decisions on their cash deposits.

FXD provides services that help corporates enhance liquidity, diversify counterparty risk and maximise yield, through a wide range of Term Deposits, Notice Accounts, and MMFs.

Through this joint offering, clients of TreasuryXpress will now be able to leverage FXD's expertise...

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