"Trudy! You've gone against Tsvangirai!".

Author:Stevenson, Trudy
Position:ZIMBABWE: Sponsored supplement - Morgan Tsvangirai, Movement for Democratic Change - Viewpoint essay

Morgan Tsvangirai is portrayed by Western governments and their media as the "blameless" leader of one of the two opposition MDC factions. But some MDC stalwarts who know what goes on inside the now divided party think otherwise. One such stalwart is Trudy Stevenson who recounts here how it feels to get on the wrong side of the supposedly "blameless" leaders of the "blameless" party. This article was first published by the website, newzimbabwe.com.


It is indeed a sad day when I have to write a sequel to my report on the MDC meeting on 12 October [2005], but there is nothing else for it. Many people from all over the world--of various political persuasions--have sent their sympathy and good wishes for a speedy recovery to the three of us who were injured in Mbavuku.


I have been persuaded to give an eyewitness account of the attack. Here is my own recollection.

Five of us travelled in my car--which I had borrowed from my new in-laws--to Mabvuku to make a follow-up on a small house-meeting we had held the previous Tuesday afternoon, 29 June 2006.

The reason we did not return to that same house on Sunday 2 July was because when we left the house that Tuesday, we spotted a certain Munyaradzi supposedly in a building gang just next door.

This Munyaradzi had caused Simangele Manyere (treasurer, MDC Harare province) and myself considerable grief before and during the Senate election last year, when he showed himself to be very plainly on Tsvangirai's side despite having been identified by Harare province as our point person in Mabvuku.

Manyere immediately recognised him, as did both Councillor Linos Mushonga (provincial organising secretary) and Mr Karimatsenga (provincial secretary for security), all of whom spoke to him as we were leaving. We then decided it would be unwise to return to the same house for the follow-up, as Munyaradzi was likely to disrupt our visit, at the very least.

We, therefore, tasked our young Mabvuku member, Luckson Mudachira, to arrange a meeting point elsewhere, and we agreed that we would then proceed from that point with key members of the Mabvuku structures to the provincial offices in Hillside.

I was out of touch with the team for the next few days, as I attended the ZNCC congress in Victoria Falls. Indeed, had I kept to my original itinerary, I would only have returned Monday evening, but I managed to get onto a Saturday flight--luckily in some ways, unluckily in others!

On my...

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