Two-thirds of IT decision-makers fear employees regularly circumvent security policies.

Organisations are leaving themselves unnecessarily exposed to significant security risks. This is according to data from, Databarracks, revealing over two-thirds of IT decision-makers believe their employees regularly flout internal IT security policies.

With industry practitioners speculating on how the cyber security landscape will evolve in 2020, Peter Groucutt, managing director of Databarracks, highlights why training is still a critical form of defence against cyber-attacks.

"People are often the weakest link in the information security chain and to prevent your organisation being caught, it's important you make employees aware of the risks. Our research has revealed two-thirds (67 per cent) of IT decision-makers believe their employees regularly circumvent company security policies."

Groucutt continues, "Employees flouting security policies are never deliberately threatening the business--either they don't know the possible consequences of their actions or feel too restricted by the policies in place. In any case, this neglect for security leaves an organisation exposed to threats.

"To reduce the danger...

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