Published date03 May 2023
KING CORONATION BUNTING - £7.49 FROM AMAZON feck the halls with the King's face, for a humorous twist on classic street party bunting. The decorative display is doublesided and features different shots of His Majesty with a crown superimposed on his head

KING FLIP-FLOPS - £25 FROM ART WOW If you're a royalist deep in your soul then why not wear the King on your soles? These flip-flops are a fun and unique way to honour the King. The graffiti-style art is by Catherine Critchley and they are custom-made to order.

CORONATION PARTY DUVET SET - STARTS AT £11 FROM ASDA Now you can eat, sleep and dream the Coronation, as ASDA has released some gorgeous bedding. The set features London buses, taxis, Big Ben, teapots and more. The reversible duvet and pillow covers come in single, double and, yes, king sizes.

CROWN TEA COSY KNITTING PATTERN - £2.99 ETSY Why not make your own memorabilia? This knitting pattern by TGCraftByKaren intructs you how to make a tea cosy which is a replica of the St Edward's Crown.

replica of the Crown.

DUCK BATH TOY - £8.99 FROM AMAZON Coronation fever is all around, and now you can bring it into the bath with you too. This adorable duck has a purple crown and cape, and will regally float among the soap suds as you have a relaxing soak before the festivities.

CUPCAKE TOPPERS - £8.59 AMAZON If decorating cakes isn't your forte, these cupcake toppers do the legwork for you. They are non-edible, so warn any children, but they'll still make your baked goods look delicious. Sweet!

UNION JACK UMBRELLA HAT - £3 FROM POUNDSHOP.COM We live in Britain so rain in honour of the new monarch's reign is not out of the question. However, you would be protected from any showers with this hilarious flag-print umbrella hat.

McVITIE'S COMMEMORATIVE BISCUIT SELECTION - £5.50 FROM SAINSBURY'S This tin is ornately decorated in honour of the King. Plus it's filled with treats such as choc digestives and custard creams.


CANDLE - £10 M&S Unwind after all the Coronation Day excitement with this stunning candle, which features LED lights that are triggered by lighting the wick. It is decorated with Westminster Abbey and King's Guards. The candle smells beautiful, with a neroli, lime and bergamot fragrance.

TEA TIN - £6.49 FROM ENGLISH TEAS What could be more British than a Coronation tea tin emblazoned with King Charles III's face? It has gold foil detailing and includes 40 English Breakfast teabags. So why not raise a cuppa to the King!

CORONATION BALLOONS - £2.49 AMAZON What's a party without balloons, and these red, white and blue ones are very on-theme. They're decorated with the words King Charles III God Save Our King, and would look brilliant floating above the table.

CHARM BRACELET - £10 FROM ACCESORIZE Dangle all things Coronation on your wrist with this gold-tone bracelet featuring six regal and Londonthemed charms. Each is designed with an enamel finish, bringing sparkle to items such as the crown jewels.

DRESSING GOWN - £50 FROM PREMIER INN The UK's biggest hotel chain has created these limited edition robes for the Coronation, with all proceeds going to Great Ormond Street Hospital. The fabric is purple like the St Edward's Crown and the garment has a fake fur collar, trim and cuffs to give it a luxurious feel.


This commemorative stainless steel teaspoon is engraved with the King's portrait at the top and the year of the Coronation. It was made by Arthur Price, which began in 1902 and made the cutlery for the firstclass passengers on the Titanic.

CUSHION - £40 JOHN LEWIS fon't just leave the decorations for your street party, why not buy this stunning embroidered Cath Kidston cushion to jazz up your sofa? Although a bit on the pricey side, it will make a lovely keepsake for years to come.

MATCHING CORONATION UNION JACK SUNDRESS - £16 ADULT AND £9 CHILD FROM ASDA Remember to decorate yourself too! This Union Jack print sundress is perfect for a (hopefully) sunny May day, and there is a matching one for little girls.

KING AND QUEEN CARROT SOFT TOYS - £3.99 EACH FROM ALDI Aldi's famed Kevin the Carrot has had a royal makeover, and the toy vegetable is now dressed as King Charles and Queen Camilla. The King Carrot Soft Toy wears a golden crown and gown, and the Queen Carrot Soft Toy a blushcoloured dress.


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