Volunteers learn new skills and support others

Published date07 June 2024
Publication titleStirling Observer
She started volunteering there in 2018 and she has relapsing remitting MS

Said Kirsty:"I had attended one of the MS Society's LivingWell courses and got a lot from it so I decided to volunteer to hopefully help others as I had been helped. I also wanted to bring a fresh, younger approach to my local group.

Enthusiatic Volunteer Kirsty Bennett "I create and send out a monthly bulletin, which includes anything happening locally or nationally in the MS community.

"I also reply to any emails which come into our group and contribute to ourYoung'uns Group, which was created so the younger members have a place where their voices can be heard. I have also helped with fundraising by helping create the 1953 MS Society Gin!

"Volunteering makes me feel happy. It has taught me new skills and helped me grow in confidence.The best thing about volunteering is meeting and helping others with MS."

George Hannah, 57, is group coordinator of the MS Society's Orkney local group.

His wife, Cath, was diagnosed with MS in 1990, when she was just 20, and he's been volunteering with the group for around 10 years.

George said:"I started volunteering with the group due to my wife being diagnosed at such an early age.With the high prevalence of MS in Orkney, most folks here know someone affected by MS.

My rock Volunteer George Hannah and his wife, Cath "I've been involved in many aspects of the running and general housekeeping of the group, including: admin; finance; liaising with the national body; organising events, activities and services; fundraising; recruiting volunteers; growing relationships with other organisations; dealing with local press and media, and managing our social media.

"Volunteering makes me feel useful, and also lucky to be in a position whereby I can hopefully help folks who have not been as fortunate as myself. No doubt it makes me feel good when...

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