Walton-on-the-Naze Improvement Act 1841

Cited as:1841 c. lxx
Jurisdiction:UK Non-devolved
Walton-on-the-Naze Improvement Act 1841

(4 & 5 Vict.) c. lxx

An Act to authorize and provide for certain Improvements in the Town and Parish of Walton-le-Soken otherwise Walton-on-the-Naze in the County of Essex.

[21st June 1841]

ANNO QUARTO & QUINTO VICTORLE REGIME. *******^**^**^**^^*^*^********-**^*******^**^**^^^** Cap. lxx. An Act to authorize and provide for certain Improvements in the Town and Parish of Walton-le-Soken otherwise Walton-on-the-Naze in the County of ILssew. [21st June 1841.] of W HEREAS the Sea has for many Years, and especially of late, greatly encroached upon the Lands, Houses, and other Erections on the Coast adjoining the Town Walton le Soken otherwise Walton on the Naze in the County of Essex, and large Sums of Money have been expended from Time to Time, by the Owners of Property adjoining the said Sea Coast, in defending and protecting their respective Houses and other Erections, and the Land there, from the Encroachments* of the Sea: And whereas it is requisite that Powers should be granted for erecting and maintaining proper Groins, Walls, Defences, and other Works for the better Protection of the said Town and Land within the said Parish from the further Encroachments of the Sea, and that such Defences between the Two present Terraces should be forthwith formed, and be for ever after maintained, at the general Expence, out of the Rates : And whereas the said Town is a Place of much Resort for Visitors in the Summer Months, and would become greatly increased if a Terrace, Square, Garden, and public Promenades, and a Landing Place, were erected and maintained along the Sea Coast, [Local."] 17 Y and Lap m0W6r adjoining the said Town ; effectual Powers should be granted* watching, watering, draining, and; ottaslMise improving Streets, Lanes, and other Passages ant Plkees^within the said Tbtp and Parish, and for preventing Nuisancesand Annoyances thereta : And whereas the opening, forming, and making a new Street or Road, commencing at or near tite Matoor "i " ' ? Jl" -;-i-Ji4-Tl -*-'"* ansing^ Commissioners. in tne saw^am^i, and terminating at the Sea Shore, m& certain otter Streets &ndip&ys^ would be of great Advantage and Convenience to the^ Inbabi^St^of the said Town, Parish, and Neighbdurhood,^and tdthe PuEbMw4n general: And whereas it would also b& advantageous to th^habitants of the said Town, Parish, and its Neighbourhood, if a Maricet Place and Market Houses and other Buildings were established within or near to such Town: And whereas it is expedient that Powers ? should be granted authorizing the Purchase of Lands, Buildings, and other Property, and for levying Rates for the Purposes aforesaid ; but the several Purposes aforesaid cannot be effected without the Aid and Authority of Parliament: May it therefore please our that it may be enacted j and be it enacted by the Queen's^ most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and? Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That the Vicar and Curates of the said Town of Walton, the Incumbent of the Parish of the Holy Trinity at Colchester aforesaid, the Lord of the Manor of Walton aforesaid, and the Churchwardens, Overseers of the Poor, and Surveyors of the Highways of the said Town, for the Time being all respectively, together with Sir George Henry Smyth Baronet, Member of Parliament, Sir John Tyssaik Tyrrell Baronet, Member of William Member of Parlia- ment, George Palmer Esquire, Memberof~Parliament,^Charles Gney Bound Esquire, Member of Parliament, Richard Sanderson Esquire, Member of Parliament, George Savill Esquire, Thomas Joseph Turner Cobbold, uire, William Wdinwright Cross. Frederick Cross. William Hawkins kc_L. No Person holding Office, &c. to act as a Commissioner. Shareholders in Com*-,, panies not disqualified John Woodgate Hicks, Benjamin Hubbard, Henry Lay, William Lay, William Raven, Joseph Scdmoh^tiQ younger, John Warner, and Samuel Wilson, and everv shall be assessed to the Improvement Rate hereafter mentiofiedbat the yearly Rent of Fifty Pounds and upwards, whether assessed as Owner, Lessee, or Occupier, and who shall have paid all Arrears of the Rate which shall have been theretofore made upon him and upon such Premises, shall be and they are hereby appointed Commissioners for putting this Act into execution. IL And be it enacted, That if at any Time any Commissioner shall hold any Office or Place of Trust or Profit under this Act, or be concerned in any Contract, or participate jtvajiy Manner in an^ Work to be done or executed underthe Commissioners, such Psrsori shall, during such Period, cease to b^ a Commissioner. IIIl Provided alway^^ahd be it? enacted; That no Persbn being a Shareholder or Member^ 6f aby-Joint Stcidk Company established? by Abt of Parliament or feliai'te/ shaM be pi gventd-fro acting as^ a 1 Commissioner 49 & 5 VIC TORI M, Cap.hx. _......issioner by reason of any Contract which may be entered by reason of into between such Company and the Commissioners, but no such the Company Commissioner so being a Member of such Company shall vote on c0nfa*".y any Question relating to the Execution of this Act in which such Company may be interested. XV. And be it enacted, That no Person shall be incapable of or Justices and disqualified from acting as a Justice of the Peace in any Matter ^re^tors on relating to the Execution of this Act by reason of his being a Com- not disquali-missioner: Provided also, that no Person lending Money to the fied as Com-Commissioners, and being a Creditor upon the Rates and Monies of missioners. the said Commissioners, shall be disqualified as a Commissioner. Commissioners. V. And be it further enacted, That the Commissioners for the Name and Time being shall be distinguished and known by the Name of " The ^fm/the Commissioners for improving the Town and Parish of Walton in the County of Essex" and the said Commissioners shall be styled " The Commissioners for improving the Town and Parish of Walton in the County of Essex." VI. And be it further enacted, That the Commissioners forFiJ"sta"d executing this Act shall hold their First General Meeting on the ^g^ft^e" Third Tuesday next after the passing of this Act, at Kent's Hotel in commis- the Town aforesaid, or at some other convenient Place within the sioners. said Town, between the Hours of Ten and Twelve of the Clock at Noon, and proceed to put this Act into execution j and a General Meeting of the said Commissioners shall be held on the Third Tuesday in the Months of February, May, August, and November in each and every Year, at the Place and between the Hours aforesaid, unless some other Time and Place shall be appointed by the said Commissioners; and it shall be lawful for the Commissioners present at such First or any subsequent Meeting from Time to Time to adjourn such Meeting to the same or any other Place within the said Town ; and if at any such Meeting there shall not be Five Commissioners present within One Hour after the Time appointed for such Meeting, then it shall be lawful for the Commissioners present, or the major Part of them, or any One Commissioner if only One be present, to adjourn such Meeting to another Day; and if the Meeting shall not be adjourned, then it shall be lawful for any Two of the Commissioners, or the Clerk, to appoint a Meeting to be held at any convenient Place within the said Town ; and not less than Seven Days Notice shall be given of such intended Meeting in the Manner hereafter mentioned. VII. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for the said Com- sPeci.al missioners to hold Special Meetings, and any Three or more of the Meetm3s\ Commissioners may require a Special Meeting to be held, but no such Meeting shall be held unless Three Days Notice thereof shall be given in the Manner hereafter mentioned. sioner&i VIII. And be it enacted, That all Powers of this Act may be Quorum of exercised by any Five or more of the Commissioners present at any Commls" Meeting holden in pursuance of this Act, and no Business shall be transacted t * ,"-. -t 1560 o transacted at any Meeting of the Commissioners, unless Ji^i^tmore Commissioners-shall be present at such Meeting, and &-J concur therein. r How .Notices IX. And be it enacted, That all Notices of any Meeting to. b of Meetings held under the Authority of this Act shall be in Print or in Writing; giver ? or partly in Print and partly in Writing, and shall be delivered alitor ox sent by theiPost or otherwise to,, the usual Place of Abode of each of the Commissioners* and a. Copy thereof affixed ^upons the Door of the Parish Church, or advertised in One or more Newspapers circulated within the.said County of Essefy Ten Days at least pre-viouslyito such Meeting;; and; :every Notice shall specify tfokTime and Place of Meeting, and, in case of a Special Meeting, shall specify the Object thereof, and no Business shall be transacted at any Special Meeting excepting such as is, stated jn the Notice therebfs Provided that it shall inot be requisite to ;give:any specific Notices to such of the Commissioner's as are Commissioners by viirtue of their being so appointed.,, as.Owner, Proprietor,.Lessee, or Occupier, rated at Fifty Pounds per Annum or upwards, T ? -I " L I Expencesat X. And be it fenactedi That at all Meetings of the Commis-Meeungs. sioners and of the Committees' they shall defray their own Expenses,f exceptin'g a 'Slim'' ribt- exceeding Two Pounds and Two Shillings per Zfieni* for the Use of the Rooms in which the Meeting; :* General XL And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for the said Com- Meeting may missioners at any G^eneiral Meeting to appoint a CornMttee, corisist-appointCom- jng 0p noj. mGr£ than Twelve of the Commission's, for carrying into effect any of the Provisions of ^tMs Act, a;MJat any General Meeting to continue; alter, or ^discontinue such Committee ;= but ho such Committee shall be appointed to act for a longer...

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