Waterford Infirmary Act 1896

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1896 c. xxii
[59 VICT.] Waterford Infirmary Act, 1896. [Oh. XXiL]
An Act for appropriating the Leper Hospital of Saint
Stephen in the City of Waterford and converting the
same into a Public Infirmary for the County of Water-
ford and the County of the City of Waterford and to
make provision for the establishment management and
maintenance of the said Infirmary and for other
purposes. [21st May 1896.]
HEREAS by an Act passed in the Parliament of Ireland in
the fifth year of the reign of His Majesty King George the
20 intituled " An Act for erecting and establishing Public
Infirmaries or Hospitals in Ireland" it is enacted that receptacles
be founded for the poor who are infirm and diseased in the several
counties and in the manner therein mentioned :
And whereas the county of Waterford was not provided for by
the said Act:
And whereas by an Act passed in the forty-seventh year of the
reign of His Majesty King George the Third session 2 cap. 50 it is
enacted that all the provisions contained in the said last-mentioned
Act for erecting establishing and supporting public infirmaries or
hospitals in counties shall be extended and construed to extend to
all counties of cities and counties of towns in Ireland for the erecting
and establishing of a public infirmary or hospital wherein no special
provision had been made by any Act or Acts of Parliament in force
in Ireland at the time of the passing of the said Act of the forty-
seventh year of the reign of His Majesty King George the Third:
And whereas within the county of the city of Waterford no
infirmary or hospital has been erected or established under the said
And whereas the county of Waterford and the county of the
city of Waterford stand greatly in need of an infirmary or liospital
maintained and supported and established as those of other counties
and cities have been:
[Price Is. 3d] A 1
xxii.] Waterford Infirmary Act, 1896. [59 VICT.]
1896. And whereas under a charter of His Majesty King John and a
~~ decree or scheme settled by the Court of Chancery in Ireland dated
the eighth day of December one thousand seven hundred and
seventy-three and signed on the twenty-seventh day of January one
thousand seven hundred and seventy-four there has been established
at John's Hill in the city of Waterford an hospital known and called
by the name of the Leper Hospital of Saint Stephen all the property
and management of which are now vested in certain persons called
the Master Brethren and Sisters of the Leper House of Saint
Stephen in the city of Waterford and commonly known as the
Trustees of the Leper Hospital Waterford:
And whereas the said charter of King John granted unto the
mayor sheriffs and citizens of Waterford and their successors for
ever the town and lands of Leperstown in the county of Waterford
and the lands of Ballymacadulane in the city and liberties of Water-
ford and a house built thereon called the Leper House in trust
and for the relief of leprous and other diseased persons with power
to the said mayor sheriffs and citizens to elect annually the master
of the said house who should rectify the accounts and make leases
of the said lands for such terms as he should think proper and
transact all the business relating to the said house:
And whereas by section 112 of the 3rd and 4th Victoria cap. 108
being the Municipal Corporations (Ireland) Act 1840 it was enacted
that in every borough in which the body corporate then stood seized
or possessed for any estate or interest of any hereditaments or any
sums of money or other personal estate in trust for any charitable
uses or trusts whatsoever or
empowered to direct the application
of the rents profits or produce of any hereditaments for any charitable
purpose all the estate right interest and title and all the powers
such trustees should on the day on which the said Act should come
into operation in such borough be vested in the persons who should
on the same day have been the mayor aldermen and common council
or other governing officers of such body corporate and should
continue vested in such persons until the first day of October one
thousand eight hundred and forty-one or until Parliament should
otherwise order and if Parliament should not otherwise direct on or
before the said first day of October the Lord Chancellor should then
make such order as he should see fit for the appointment of a trustee
or trustees and the administration of such trust estate subject to
such charitable uses or trusts and that thereupon the trustee or
trustees so appointed should come in the room of the persons
theretofore named or continued as trustees and that all the estate
right interest and title at law and in equity of and in such trust
estates hereditaments and premises should forthwith without any

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