'We're having a girl - just like a psychic predicted!'

Publication Date18 Jul 2021
"I can't really believe it,"she says, beaming."I don't think it will feel real until she arrives."

Danielle had been open about wanting a sister for her boys Archie, 10, Harry, nine, and George, seven, who she shares with her ex, Jamie O'Hara, and Ronnie, three, who she has with husband Michael O'Neill. She was so determined that she and Michael were set to fly to Dubai this summer for gender selection -

'They're go- a procedure that is illegal in the UK - to ensure her dream came true. But then she found out that she was expecting.

but they me house home!'

And Danielle, now 19 weeks, believes she conceived a girl naturally - because a fortune teller told her she would - and that she "manifested"the daughter who she says will complete her family.

From her home in the West Midlands, Danielle also opens up about her 2019 miscarriage, her struggles over the past year, supporting Harry after his ADHD and dyslexia diagnosis, and her "crazy" home life?

Huge congratulations, Danielle.

You must be thrilled that you're having a girl! I am. I'm over the moon. I can't really believe it, to be honest. I don't think it will feel real until she arrives.

Tell us about the moment you found out...

We booked a private gender scan and I had such bad anxiety in the run-up. I videoed the whole thing and the doctor went on about the measurements and other things, and you can hear me going,"Can you just bloody tell me?"I felt sick. I couldn't breathe on the way there. It was excitement, nerves, everything. And then he handed Michael a bit of paper, which said, "It's 99% a baby girl."I burst into tears, I just couldn't believe it.

How does it feel to finally have a longed-for girl coming?

boys, eat out of and

It's overwhelming and I'm so excited. I've been getting the nursery ready and it's the first time I've been looking for pink stuff. The pregnancy's gone really quickly actually, but because I've got four other kids and we've had house renovations going on, I've had other things to think about.

Who did you tell first?

Our parents. We rang my mum and I'd been crying, and I think she thought,"Oh no, she's going to say it's a boy."But she'd already given me a pep talk and said, "Whatever it is, it's going to be fine. Just don't get your hopes up." I think everyone thought I was just destined to have boys forever.

How would you have reacted if it was another boy?

I would have been pleased. As long as the baby's healthy, it's still a child and still my baby at the end of the day -...

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