Welsh Shipping Agency Act 1965

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1965 c. i
Welsh Shipping Agency
i 1
1965 CHAPTER i
An Act to authorise Welsh Shipping Agency Limited to
construct works and to acquire lands; and for other
purposes. [23rd March 1965]
HEREAS Welsh Shipping Agency Limited (in this Act
referred to as " the Company ") is a company within
the meaning of the Companies Act, 1948, and is a
company limited by shares:
And whereas the Company is a subsidiary within the meaning
of section 154 of the Companies Act, 1948, of Richard Thomas &
Baldwms Limited (hereinafter referred to as " the parent
And whereas the parent company has for some time manu-
factured iron and steel at its steel works in the urban district of
Ebbw Vale in the county of Monmouth and has recently con-
structed steel works in the parishes of Llanwern, Bishton,
Redwick, Whitson, Goldcliff and Nash in the rural district of
Magor and Saint Mellons in the said county:
And whereas the most economical method of transporting from
overseas the large quantities of
material required at these steel
Welsh Shipping Agency
works is by means of large deep draughted vessels and there are
at present no facilities available within a reasonable distance of
the steel works where such vessels may be accommodated:
And whereas it is expedient that the Company should be
authorised to construct the deep water
a conveyor system
to the steel works and the other works, in this Act described,
and to use part of the bed and foreshore of the Severn Estuary
and acquire lands, as by this Act provided:
And whereas in order to enable the Company to control and
protect the said works so far as they are not situate within the
port and harbour of Bristol it is expedient that the Company be
constituted a harbour authority as in this Act provided:
And whereas it is expedient that the other provisions of this
Act be enacted:
And whereas the objects of this Act cannot be attained without
the authority of Parliament:
And whereas plans and sections showing the situations, lines
and levels of the works authorised by this Act and the lands
which may be taken or used compulsorily for the purposes
and a book of reference to the said plans containing
the names of the owners and lessees, or reputed owners and
lessees, and of the occupiers of those lands and describing the
same, were in the month of February, 1964, duly deposited in the
office of the Clerk of the Parliaments and in the Private Bill
Office of the House of Commons, with the clerk of the county
council of the administrative county of Monmouth and with the
town clerk of the city and county of Bristol, and such plans,
sections and book of reference are respectively referred to in this
the deposited
the deposited sections and the deposited
book of reference:
May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be enacted,
and be it enacted, by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by
and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and
Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled,
and by the authority of the same, as follows:
This Act may be cited as the Welsh Shipping Agency Act
This Act is divided into Parts as follows:
Part I.—Preliminary.
Part II.—Lands.
Part III.—Works.
Part IV.—Miscellaneous.
Act divided
into Parts.
Welsh Shipping Agency
i 3
The following enactments, so far as the same are applicable PART I
to the purposes of, and are not inconsistent with the provisions —cont.
of this Act are hereby incorporated with this Act: Incorporation
' of Acts.
(1) the Lands Clauses Acts (except section 92, sections 127
to 133 and sections 150 and 151 of the Lands Clauses
Consolidation Act, 1845):
c. 18.
Provided that the bond required by section 85 of the
Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845, shall be
sufficient without the addition of the sureties mentioned
in that section;
(2) sections 38 to 44 and 68 to 75 of the Railways Clauses
Consolidation Act, 1845:
Provided that for the purposes of the incorporated
provisions of the Railways Clauses Consolidation Act,
the authorised works shall be deemed to be the
railway and the centre line of the authorised works as
shown on the deposited plans shall be deemed to be the
centre line of the railway;
(3) the Harbours Clauses Act, 1847 (except sections 6 to 13,1847
25 to
55 to
77 to 82 and 84 to 96):
Provided that in construing the Harbours Clauses
Act, 1847
(a) in sections
the expression " the harbour,
dock or pier" shall mean Work No. 2 and Work
3 and in the other sections so incorporated shall
mean that part of Work No. 2 which is not within the
port and the water area within the limits of the said
part of Work No. 2;
(b) the expression " the special Act " shall mean this
Act; the prescribed limits shall be the harbour limits
and the expression " vessel" shall have the meaning
assigned to it by section 4 (Interpretation) of this
4.—(1) In this Act unless there be something in the subject or Interpretation.
context repugnant to such construction
" the authorised works" means the works authorised by
section 14 (Power to construct works) of this Act;
" the Company " means Welsh Shipping Agency Limited;
" the corporation " means the lord mayor, aldermen and
burgesses of the city and county of Bristol;
" the counties " means the county of Monmouth and the
city and county of Bristol;
"enactment" means any Act, whether public, general or
local, or any order made thereunder, or any provision
in any Act or in any such order;

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