What is the relationship between marketing of library sources and services and social media? A literature review paper

Published date29 January 2020
Date29 January 2020
AuthorMuhammad Anwar,Tang Zhiwei
Subject MatterLibrary & information science,Librarianship/library management,Library technology,Library & information services
What is the relationship between
marketing of library sources and
services and social media?
A literature review paper
Muhammad Anwar and Tang Zhiwei
Today, information and communication
technologies (ICTs) and associated tools
have modernized library services and made
it possible to create a virtual environment
for library users. On the other hand, social
media has had a great impact on library
sources and services to make them
available for remote customers. The prime
objectives of the present case study are to
determine the usage, impact, issues and
challenges about the use of social media
for marketing library sources and services.
In some cases, even with the potential
positive impact, libraries are facing too
many problems in using social media to
market their sources and services, such as
lack of proper budget, lack of skills and
knowledge and lack of interest from
library staff. In this review, our purpose
was to determine the relevancy of social
media library marketing, identify the
benefits of using social media for library
marketing and review various issues and
challenges. This paper can provide insights
for libraries and librarians looking to adopt
social media marketing of their resources
and services to targeted customers.
Individuals, libraries, and social media
Libraries are nonprofit organizations,
and their mission is to provide services
without any charges or fees. Libraries
are always considered as a social center
known for making the environment
healthy for learning. The use of social
media today, such as Facebook, Twitter,
WhatsApp and We Chat, helps connect
people to one another for sharing ideas,
thoughts, feelings and emotions. Jadhav
(2014) expressed that social media is
particularly popular among young
people using a computer or mobile
device. Sonawane and Patil (2015)
added that social media can provide a
platform for libraries to promote their
resources and services to remote users.
Kumar (2015) describes how library
professionals have identified the need of
social media to interact with their user
communities. Social media provides
both benefits and advantages for
librarians to promote their resources
and services (Olajide and Alao (2016).
Social media is predominant today,
and every third person is using social
media to promote their own interests.
Kumar (2013) investigated that library
professionals are becoming more familiar
with social media and the need for
marketing policies and planning.
According to Kotler (1985) “Marketing is
the analysis, planning, implementation,
and control of carefully formulated
programs designed to bring about
voluntary exchanges of values with target
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marketing of library sources
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LIBRARY HITECH NEWS Number 3 2020, pp. 1-5, V
CEmerald Publishing Limited, 0741-9058, DOI 10.1108/LHTN-10-2019-0071 1

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